Tuesday, January 17, 2017


The guy on the Left (literally) pardoned the traitor Bradley Manning (shown in uniform).
While technically "commuting" the sentence (shortening it to time served), it falls under the pardon powers granted the president.

Manning released Top Secret information (transferred to a thumb drive) that cost the lives of American Servicemen.
And Obama and the Left are concerned about Russian hacking?

Come Friday, come.

Many are asking why Obama would do such a thing.
The answer is in the parable of the wicked steward.
The wicked steward seeing he is about to lose his job, renders debt to his present master uncollectable, for his own purposes, so that when he is removed from office he will be well received by his new masters.
Obama wants to be a major figure still, on the left.

Constitutional Insurgent also weighs in.


  1. Treason is not a crime in the democrat world. I assumed this would happen. Bradley is a homo after all. obama Loves him some homos. (Not that I care what consenting adults do in privacy, just as General Chaos Mattis doesn't care)

  2. The initial tragedy here is that the military Judge found him Not Guilty of "aiding the enemy". Treason, plain and simple.

    - CI

  3. Bradley will now find he's the focus of retribution, and few will find his predicament a concern. Otherwise, Obama's act of "kindness" will end with the same result of traitors convicted in the past.

  4. And he also released the Puerto Rican FALN terrorist... sigh

  5. Well Ed, I challenge you to produce any trial testimony that implicates Manning's leak with the death of allied service personnel. I will point out that brigadier general Carr, head of the Information Review Task Force testified there was no evidence to that effect.
    He did reveal a lot of sordid behavior. My personal favorite was vice-president of Afghanistan, Ahmad Zia Massoud, stopped and questioned in Dubai carrying $52m in cash. But dig in, there are so many outrages we would never have known.

    I'm surprised you're not also upset about the James Cartwright pardon. It's typical of the right that they go into high dudgeon when someone leaks information critical of the Israeli apartheid regime.

    As for Oscar Rivera, he harmed no one and he served 35 years, longer than other members of FALN. He's 75 and no longer a threat to anyone. Some would call it compassion. But republicans reserve their compassion for killers like Efrain Rios Montt because he was a Saint Ronnie Raygun buddy or Luis Posada.
    Pure hypocrisy.

    1. I (Like my Navy Chief son) would have preferred a pardon for that kid on the sub who took a picture with a door in the background that had a nuclear reactor somewhere behind it.

      As for Cartwright: Quoted from The Hill:
      Sanger himself has characterized the former general as concerned with protecting the interests of the United States — and numerous officials have pleaded for leniency for Cartwright in light of his long career of public service.

      "Far from harming U.S. interests, his interview contributed to my efforts to provide the public with a comprehensive account of a critical new element of the American use of force, while trying to avoid harming future operations," Sanger wrote in a letter included in a sentencing memorandum filed by Cartwright’s attorneys.

      "I have no doubt he was trying to act in the best interests of the United States."

      I have a son doing Fed time (and rightly so) for far less and a lot longer than Manning did.
      He's watching all these drug dealers and murderers get pardoned for the last few months, while he stays in.

    2. Ducky, the Manning trial was one moment in time.....can you stats that o Americans have died due to Bradley Mannings treason, to date?

  6. What fascinates me is that we have somehow survived (albeit in tatters) for (almost) 8 years with an actual enemy of the state as commander in chief.


    1. Mr Blade, what a wonderful thing that constitution is, even with a tainted supreme court.

      I think it's time to strengthen it, maybe we can with 31 Repub governors. Tho it's the state legislatures that we need 62% of.

      I'd love to see "Congress shall pass no law that applies to the people that doesn't not apply to the government - and vice-versa"