Thursday, April 6, 2017


A new part number had to be run in a robotic weld cell, where I work (all too much), last weekend.
I had contracted a robotic and a plc programmer to come in to do the work.
The robot guy had a family emergency in Lebanon and had to bail.
The plc guy came in, saw the scope of the job and said it couldn’t be done.
I was in at 6am Saturday, started programming robots, left at noon to do the radio show, came back and worked till 7pm.
Came back Sunday at 5:30am and left at 7am Monday morning. 26 hours straight of programming robots, machine controllers (plc) and repairing inadvertent crashes.

I can't show you the result of my work, which was successful, but I can play the show for you.
We discussed April Ryan, Evelyn Farkas, and interviewed Rep. Tim Walberg about Trumpcare, among other topics.


  1. Congratulations on completing the job which "couldn't be done." Feels good, doesn't it?

  2. Ed, What's the deal? Do you have a chaos addicted manager or something? Seriously..

    1. He and I had a heated exchange afterwords.
      We both were under a lot of pressure.
      He's a good guy.
      Aren't you Nathan?

    2. I'm not Nathan. (Tho my wife loves Nathan hot dogs from Sam's Club)

      No Ed, I've worked for managers who have to have chaos to feel things are normal. Project Managers who can't possibly envision a project without a "crunch time" where everyone has to work 5 times as hard as normal because the butthead was too moronic or incompetent to put sick and vacation time into the project plan. Sad fact is they get no respect from the employees OR the client who recognizes same.

    3. :) That was addressed to my boss Nathan, who I believe reads this. He listens to the radio show. That's where he discovered that we went to the same high school and realized I was a classmate of his father-in-law.

  3. I knew you had been busy.Watch out for flying slag!