Sunday, July 30, 2017

Radio Hosting

Gary took the day off again.

Join guest hosts Ed Bonderenka and Rick Dietering as they discuss Kid Rock, Bob Young and the Michigan Senate Race, the shake up in Communications team for the Trump Administration and the latest news from Washington.

We also talked Civil Asset Forfeiture a lot.

Had a pretty good show I've been told.
You prepare for hours and throw most of it out.

I'll learn. :)


  1. Ya, you do throw most of it out because you don't anticipate the conversations taking different directions! But better to BE PREPARED!

  2. Boy Scout motto still works... And sooner or later, you WILL need that preparation!

  3. The Mooch would have provided tons of radio and blog fodder but we are so much better off since he got whacked by the General.

    Great show again, Edwardo. You are now officially an old pro.