Thursday, July 13, 2017

Tucker Carlson

I like Tucker Carlson.
A lot.
I like when he has his clashes with libs.
But I'm a bit troubled now and concerned for him.

The night before last he got in a clash with Col. Ralph Peters on whether overlooking Putin as a threat to civilization was similar to Lindbergh saying Adolf Hitler wasn't such a bad guy, or similar.
"You sound like Charles Lindbergh in 1938, saying, 'Hitler hasn’t attacked us,'" Peters charged.

See it here if you want:

I see the Colonels point and I think Tucker overreacted to Peters statement saying that Peter's was accusing him of being the equivalent of a Hitler apologist.
(Somewhere in here, the Godwin rule applies.)

This is not the thrust of my post, however, only prelude.

The next night (last night), Tucker gets into it with Max Boot.
Agree or disagree with Boot or Carlson, did Tucker go over the line as I think he
Could he have handled this better?
Was he being unnecessarily confrontational?
Rude, even.

Also, DaBlade, here is a link to last weeks radio show, wherein I let Ken have it.


  1. I've been troubled by Tucker's last two shows. Viewers have liked it when he takes on liberals tête-à-tête, but I begin to wonder if he's pushing too hard in an effort to generate ratings.

    1. Thank you Rev. I guess it's not just me.

    2. That's what Boot said, too...about ratings. He was pretty vile to Carlson, too, but Carlson provoked it.

    3. Z,
      Boot was spot on about Carlson's seeking ratings, IMO.

      I saw this even though I cannot abide Boot, whom I think is a total jerk.

    4. AOW, Putting someone on (Tucker) and then casting his guests HAS to be based on generating revenue.

    5. Kid, it took me awhile to parse that, but now it makes perfect sense. Fox is not a public service, but a business based on selling commercials.

    6. Ed,
      Fox is not a public service, but a business based on selling commercials.

      Most of the time!

    7. Well, they have performed a public service.

    8. Excellent point Ed. Everyone is Not up to speed.

    9. God bless Fox News for the video tribute to the fallen Marine and Navy aircraft refuelers on Special Report tonight.

  2. So funny that you'd pick the Boot interview and highlight it because Carlson went overboard and really didn't win all the points... he kind of shuts people down with volume and insistence and doesn't answer their questions but gets rather nasty to them.... it doesn't look good. I can't stand this Boot guy's opinions but to have a guest on and say "you in no way turned in an impressive performance" is REALLY NASTY, in my opinion.

    Not particularly unusual for him...he needs to calm that down because it could destroy his credibility if even one well read liberal stuck together a lot of these instances...BUT, I, too, like him and I believe I heard his ratings are the highest for FOX now? I think I did....
    They should be !!! We need a thousand more like HIM on TV :-)

    1. Thank you.
      I'm disappointed in myself for only now thinking that we need to pray for him.

  3. The last thing I heard Putin say about war was that if the US and Russia got into a hot war No One would survive. True that. Putin is not insane. No one who is sane would ever want to be involved in a hot war with nuclear powers.

    I don't worry much about Putin. I think Putin is focused on the economy and living standard in Russia as well he should be.

  4. My personal take on Carlson is that he bring on soft target fish in a barrel type guests and shoots them. Then again, who from the liberal world isn't a soft target.

    1. Kid,
      I think you're right! Carlson absolutely does bring on people that he can shoot down. He has come to see himself as "the new king at Fox," IMO.

  5. AOW, That's my base feeling. All these guys the last 15 years are all 'buy my book'. Cable TV is all about revenue.
    Whether sports or politics the strategy is to get people incited. What better way to do that than have some moron on and tear them to shreds.
    But again, what libtard isn't a moron.

    1. The sports analogy is particularly painful for me, especially talk radio. Host says jock #1 is better in some way than jock #2, and then a bunch of knuckle dragging sports addicted idiots keep the show going for the duration. I don't think there is any hope for mankind.

    2. This radio gig I do is interesting.
      I want guests I can interview.
      If there's not a guest, callers help create a dialogue.
      If there's no callers, play audio and comment.
      Hoping to provoke a caller.
      Hoping to keep it interesting.
      I'd actually like some callers from here.
      Smart people.

  6. Ed, I listened to that show last week and meant to thank you for how you handled that "broad brush" fella :) REALLY good my friend. I must have gotten distracted so I apologize. I always listen to your shows when you post them (sometimes takes a couple of days). Any way, just wanted you to know I appreciated that. YOU DA MAN!!! Your co-host sidekick tinfoil hat guy is ok too.
    "On the line with us is Kid from Cleveland..."

  7. As for Tucker... no relation as far as I know. Neither is Gretchen (what ever happened to her?)

    1. Didn't Gretchen sue Roger Ailes leading to his departure from Fox?

  8. Hugh Hewitt mentioned the heatedness of the Boot/Carlson interchange today.