Wednesday, October 4, 2017


So many people watch supernatural movies and TV shows and want to believe all that crap, knowing that there is something else going on
when you tell them about the real demons and angels and a God above who offers help and forgiveness, but also requires something, they scoff.

Define something as the cessation of baby killing, adultery, lying, cheating, and the promotion of modesty, charity and worship as a baseline.

Tell them a demonic influence helped pull the trigger and that that demonic activity is defined in the Bible,  they laugh, then go back to their Stephen King novel/movie.


  1. The baseline's not even needed to see it anymore. So much of what is proposed as "new technology" in the science fiction shows like "Fringe" is actually sorcery. It's not even hidden.
    * Use of psychoactive drugs
    * The power of "charged" circles
    * Shape-shifting beings
    * Angels serving themselves
    * etc.

    It's evident in many movies and tv shows, this was just one example.

    It's a religion alright...just not ours.

    "The devil cannot create anything. He can only corrupt." -Attributed to Martin Luther.

    1. Yep. I remember in the 70's when I stopped reading sci-fi because so much had become science fantasy.
      That phrase that any scientific process which cannot be explained by current science is equivalent to magic has let to a crutch of "Well it could work like this, if we only knew how, so let's rely on it as a plot device anyway."

  2. Define something as the cessation of baby killing, adultery, lying, cheating, and the promotion of modesty, charity and worship as a baseline.
    Going muslim on us, Ed?

    1. I'm serious, Ed. You described the core of Islam and it may give you insight into why many are very wary of theocratic authoritarianism of all sorts.

    2. The core of Islam is that Mohammed is the true prophet of God and Issa isn't the Son of God.
      Salvation is by Allah's whim.
      The core of Christianity is that God recognizes man's weakness and offers him help and salvation through the Sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for our sins.
      That they both have a similar moral code does not equate the two.
      And people who have a problem with calling baby killing, adultery, lying, cheating sinful or wrong, are a problem in themselves.

    3. If you are sincerely serious about your wariness of theocratic authoritarianism Duck, you should be acutely aware that religion and authoritarian enforcers does not necessarily have to be centered around a God-like figure.

      Religion: a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.

      Sincerely Duck, list for us the various current causes being promulgated in our world that are attempting to force all of us to conform because, we are told, the idea is of supreme importance and the world will end (or something like it) if we don't conform?

    4. Trying to decode your post I have to assume that if you are referring to one topic, it's climate change.
      Now it should be noted that you aren't being forced to do jack squat.

      Just why Libertarians and fundamentalists get their hackles up over the proposition that we would be better off switching to non-carbon energy when possible has really eluded me.

      It wouldn't be my first pick of the problems facing us. I'm more concerned about how we can manage the world wide labor glut. But that's not all that fashionable.

      Live long enough and a well ordered life necessarily finds a world view to be passionate about.

    5. Actually Duck, There are many things we are or were being forced to do. Pay high energy costs and lose coalfield jobs for a couple.
      If the Paris Accords had been signed, the list of things forced would have been longer.
      All because of a religious faith in "science".
      "Science" in quotes because it really isn't settled.

      "Live long enough and a well ordered life necessarily finds a world view to be passionate about."
      I am not contending that statement. It appeals to me, but it doesn't explain the early rational Christian Faith I've seen in many young people.

    6. No Ed, you can't blame climate initiatives for the loss of coal jobs.
      Coal is not price competitive with natural gas and there is a world wide glut.

      It's your precious Mr. Market. Look at it as Schumpeter's inevitable "creative destruction". Which it would be if the coal belt retooled for renewables.

    7. Duck - Many Libertarians don't get their hackles up over alternative energy. I'd love nothing more than to kill dependency on Middle East oil, and move to renewable long as the technology exists and is proven, before we start shifting.

      - CIA

    8. Duck: As to yours and CIs comments about alternative energy, I am not opposed to alternative energy that is proven economical ("Mr. Market").
      Alternative energy delivered at the expense of government subsidies (ethanol, solar, etc.) is socialized energy. Central Planning.
      You said "Now it should be noted that you aren't being forced to do jack squat."
      Support failed energy policies by government fiat.
      NatGas is influencing coal and oil prices, but HillBama promised to kill coal in the name of Climate Change®.
      And they tried. and W.Virginia rejected them.
      That is indisputable.

    9. CI: You blew your cover. Now we KNOW you are CIA.

    10. Nope...would never work for the Agency...I'd have to wear a tie!

      But damn, that was weird...when I fat finger the keyboard, it's usually something unintelligible.

      - CI

  3. Nothing more boring that a stephen king novel.

    1. Try a Tarantino film.

      Seijun Suzuki should rise and kick his no talent, plagiarizing arse.

    2. I don't much care for Tarantino either.
      I like plagiarized Kurosawa so I don't have to read the subtitles. :)

  4. Don't have to convince me. Our Catholic congregation says the Prayer to St Michael at the end of mass each week.

    St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who wander about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

    Anyway, that's how we do.

    1. Recognizing the enemy and the allies is the start of a good strategy, eh?

  5. Interesting topic Ed. Both a belief in non-religious magic and religious mysticism go back to nearly the dawn of man. Adherents of both [or all] are/were completely convinced of their beliefs.....mocking or persecuting others......even though they could prove naught of their own. And each having manservants in it's employ who became wealthy and powerful.

    If alien life exists, we must surely be a fascinating case study.

    1. I just re-read my post, because I was misremembering my point :)
      What I was saying was that people don't seem to have a problem believing in the supernatural, it's just that a lot want a supernatural that's random evil, rejecting one that offers grace and mercy while emphasizing "moral" behavior. They want their bad behavior.

  6. Ed,
    I love your testimony @ October 5, 2017 at 12:50 PM.

    As for Stephen King novels, in my experience they are too spiritual for the hard core deniers of the existence of God. Today's deniers have moved further into the occult than King's worlds.

    1. Thank you.
      Actually King's The Stand was a pretty spiritual allegory.
      I picked the wrong author :)

    2. Ed,
      Agreed about The Stand. But I think that
      The Green Mile is the most spiritual of all his works.

      After his sobering up and his near death experience, King's writing changed. At least, that is my observation. I don't read everything he writes. His Leftist views continue, though.

    3. As a long-time reader of Stephen King's older works, yes. he's a liberal but he puts together a good story now and then. Back in the day, I read a lot of heady text book stuff, so it was a relief to read mysteries, Stephen King, etc., It never changed my life, it just was easy reading.

    4. Cube,
      No doubt about it -- Stephen King knows how to spin a tale.

  7. People are truly stranger than ANY fiction one can write.

  8. This rings so true ED! Faith requires responsibility which they don't want! best wishes! xoxoxo