Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Years

You might want to listen.
I co-hosted The American Dream yesterday with Pastor Rick Dietering.
We talked trials of 2017 and how to prosper in 2018.

In any event, it is my prayer that we all have a prosperous 2018 as our souls prosper.

With Hillary Clinton not in office, the odds are in our favor.
And given his track record for 2017, although we could all wish for more,

we haven't done too shabby under President Trump this year, despite the attempts of the SSM to tell us otherwise.

Father, please help those of us in need in the coming year and help those of us that can fill a need (with your help), do so.
And please bless our people and protect our republic.

Can I get an amen?


  1. Amen.

    Blessings are not platitudes for indulgent, petulant children. My hope is those acting as adults realize this and turn away from the evils so prevalent in our country.

    Happy New Year! May our prayers save a nation.

    1. A while back when people started saying God Bless America, it occurred to me to say America Bless God.
      Then I started seeing others say it.
      God wil bless us when we bless Him, eh?

  2. Amen, and agreed! Waaaay better than predicted. and I'll take some of that porridge.

    1. I just finished my daily oatmeal with craisins, diced apples, whatever Scherie throws in.
      Never thought I'd enjoy that as breakfast.
      But I refer to it as porridge :)

  3. I hate to sound repetitive, but Amen to that.