Saturday, January 27, 2018

[Insert witty post title here]

I have been very busy.
Some of my spare time, apart from my 50 hr a week job, is taken with agonizing over the newspaper. Emails, documenting, phoning, etc.
Some, working on my 2001 Ranger, home repairs, church repairs, repairing a couple air compressors.
Automating my buddy's production equipment.
Reading and commenting at other peoples blogs.
Or moderating a group on Facebook.
Or arranging interviews for the radio show.
Or watching Tucker Carlson and Bret Baier.

I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy Tuesday.
The anesthesiologist recommended that I insist they do the endo first as it might leave a funny taste if I had the colo first.
Everything came out alright in the end.

So, I've been wanting to cut loose from Comcast, or at least the tier I'm in, but to get Tucker, Baier or Gutfeld (my favorite show on television!) I had to take that tier.
BTW, Tyrus is one subtly brilliant person.

I've just signed up for YouTube TV. It has Fox News on it.
And some movies.
I'll be dumping the cable box.
I've got the hang of it now and actually prefer watching recordings of shows with the wireless mouse rather than the remote.
I can more accurately get through commercials with the mouse.
I might sign up for Turner Classic Movies.

Seriously, I'm dropping $100 a month and paying out $35 for a gain of $65.
And I'm sharing the account (up to 5 others) with my niece/daughter and my son (like I do my Netflix).

I'm happy.

This was a good one:


  1. I envy you for this.

    The one downside of moving to my middle of the woods-zombie apocalypse that my only internet/TV options are 2 satellite providers. I'd ditch the TV, but it's not much more than the internet alone...and my two Princesses would stage a mutiny....

    1. My first thought was, "You envy my having a colonoscopy?". :)
      I only have to keep my wife happy.
      Happy Wife, Happy Life.
      She never got the hang of the Xfinity box.
      The computer I have hooked up to the tv is easier for her, should I not be there.

  2. I was going to give you a 'rimshot' on your colonoscopy joke, but somehow that didn't seem appropriate. Besides, I've had 2 of the lower and 4 of the upper - but none on the same day. You're braver than me. BTW, when you get a sec, can you stop by and take a look at my kitchen sink plumbing? Thanks.

  3. Glad it went well, and saving money is GOOD! :-)

    1. Michael Jackson drug. Out like a light, woke up and walked away.

  4. Good deal Ed. I'd drop the TV in a heartbeat but it keeps Mad company during the day and she likes to watch some TV only stuff.

    1. Depends on what defines TV stuff. Major networks and cable (AMC, Bravo, etc.) networks on there.

  5. About six months ago, Tyrus was at a store nearby me and a girlfriend of mine was waiting in line at the check stand with him....he's hard to not notice! She asked him "Are you Tyrus..?" etc., and he was....she said he could NOT have been friendlier or kinder. Nice to know, eh?!

    1. As quiet on the show as he is, a "wrestler" tattooed and gang signs, I can relate to him. He's thoughtful.

  6. We're paying WAY too much for Dish Network. Last year we bought a Roku and have been happy with it.
    If Dishnet doesn't start offering an Ala Carte menu with only stuff we want and use, we'll drop it soon.
    (But Roku DOES require a fast internet connection.)