Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Gun Control

Published as a comment at Old NFO:
When I got a pistol as an adult and showed my dad, he remarked that I should be careful and not store it where the kids could get it.
I asked him if he thought putting it in a cigar box just inside the attic access under the insulation might be a good place.
The look on his face was priceless.
I liked that he stored the war trophy PPK with loose bullets rolling around in there so I don’t think he ever missed a few.
At least I kept it clean for him.


  1. at least u did! LOL HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! YOU DESERVE all the love you get! xoxoxox:)

  2. Our folks could not hide anything from us ED. Therefore the best course of action was gun handling and shooting at the earliest possible age which our Dad did take care of. We were completely responsible with a .38 semi at age 7 and 8.

  3. My dad was a Flint cop and always had his service 38 oh his hip. He stored that (and other assorted firearms) on shelf in his bedroom closet. We knew not to touch it so we didn't.

  4. Parenting is a lost art in the age of social media.

    - CI

  5. In light of recent events, we’ve seen the stark reality of the lack of parents teaching their kids about safe and responsible firearm use.

    1. Have you seen a spike in your blog hits?
      I've posted your piece on FB multiple places and got a lot of positives.

    2. Indeed I did, thanks! Hopefully people went to the original source, It's a great site.

  6. Ed - This is another link by a well known gun rights author; well worth your time to read and share.