Thursday, February 22, 2018

RIP Billy Graham

A great man has passed.

His final years included physical and mental challenges.
All the struggles of recent years have been overcome.

He is home.
I am certain he heard the Boss say, "Well Done!"

He was a modern day prophet to the nation and it's leaders.

He not only pointed out the sinful condition of man, but the solution to that problem.

He was responsible for many lives to be turned around from hate and shame and sin.

Louis Zamperini and Billy Graham

One of those, most famously, was Louis Zamperini of Unbroken fame.

The most important facet of Louis' life was that after surviving all he did in WW2 was left out of the movie, but not the book.

He came home bitter, hateful and a drunk.

He left a Billy Graham Crusade a changed man and went on to work with Billy until his own death a few years ago.

That story has so many echoes in America.

Rest easy, sir.

Job well done.


  1. Thank you, sir! Job well done, indeed.

    1. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness......

  2. He touched many lives in good ways. It was despicable how mere hours after his death the vultures of the media were tearing down Graham's righteous life.

  3. I'd forgotten that story about important, such a good story of utter redemption.
    As I said on FB, "I hope Graham enjoys God as much as God's enjoyed him these last 99 years!" I know He will...both of them!

    1. Scherie said on the radio a couple days ago:
      While thinking about Dr. Graham, I also started thinking about our dear friend; Jim Belz..
      Dr. Graham is cognitive again.
      He is not frustrated, fearful, angry and unable to speak.
      He probably doesn't want to speak, except to say, I praise you, most High and Holy Father; my Lord, and thank-you, I love you!.

      I saw a cartoon today where Jesus lets him in the gate and says there's a few people here who want to thank you...