Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Steele Dossier (again)

I think it’s amazing that Steele first was paid by Bill Kristol and the Washington Free Beacon, and then was paid by the Clinton campaign after the Republican convention, and then after the election sought to be paid for the same product by the FBI!
Pretty enterprising.

And of course he was a former agent of the British government trying to influence our election process.

Think about it.
The British, her majesty's government trying to overthrow Trump who many don't want visiting their little island.


  1. Steele played with the big boys, who use the likes of Fusion to destroy character for political gain. Now that it's useful to make him disappear, I wonder if he realizes how precarious his existence now became.

  2. Too much attention is [intentionally] being paid to a dossier or arguable value, and far less than should be to the target of the FISA warrant, who was being tracked by counter-intelligence agents prior to said dossier....and was an admitted agent of the Kremlin.

    1. So you agree with the dems that Carter Page is a Russian spy? Or do you mean business agent?
      And the way the warrant was obtained is relatively unimportant?

    2. I mean, that the FIA warrant was ~50 pages in length. Coupled with Page's proven activities and his admissions, an objective reader could see how surveillance could be warranted even without the dossier.

    3. From what I've read it appears that the warrant was rejected until the dossier was added. I assume the fisa court judge could be considered an objective reader. But even that might be a wrong assumption given the political situation.

    4. All of that is possible...or not, given the classified status of the warrant. The FISA judge was appointed by Chief Roberts, FWIW.

  3. WITH the collusion of the Russians... Don't forget that!