Monday, July 16, 2018


My friends, The Depot Town Big Band, at my friend Mike's Haabs Restaurant.
Fiona sings. Yes she does.
I like this version a lot better than the higher ranged Broadway versions I've heard.
Plus, Mom sang it lower like this.

I was talking to one of the guys and discovered that a number of them are PHDs in engineering and music.
One is a minister of the gospel.
You'd never pick out which is which. :)


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    1. I had posted it elsewhere when I commented at your place.
      Thanks for the nudge.

  2. I played with the speed of the video. At 1.25 it was about what I've grown accustomed to. I tried .75 and 1.5 just to see. Their slow choice was great.

    However, the singer wearing a scarf under brightly lit Tiffany lamps does not fit the moment!

    Imagine high summer down south with all that humidity she and the band would be sweltering, and the pace slows because of it. A/C -- that was not available in Gershwin's day -- kinda intrudes on the moment. LOL

  3. You're right about me not being able to spot the minister because you can never tell about people. I'm glad I stopped by though. The horns do it for me everytime.

    1. They've got the horn section and the boneyard.