Sunday, September 16, 2018


Had a really good radio show Saturday.
Good calls and discussion on Kavenaugh, Republicans and whether we should bother to vote for them and other news.
You can listen here.

It's listen to this or the voices in your head.
I recommend this.

Other than that, I'm too busy working at work, working at home, working on the newspaper or being out on my boat or going to the range to publish a post that contains information you can't get at a blog on my sidebar.
I know I woke up this morning with a great idea for a post, but I lost it getting ready for church. I think it was related to the radio show content.

Scherie and I got laser grips for our pistols.
It almost takes the fun out of shooting!
Put the laser on the target and squeeze.
Her snubnose .357 is more accurate than I thought!
It's the short sight radius that caused the bullets to spread out on the target.
But that laser seems to guide the bullets in the way a ground observer leads a Spooky or a Spectre air crew.


  1. Nice shootin' Scherie! I had no idea you were so BA! I'll catch the show tomorrow.

  2. OK another great show! Now I have to dig up and watch L.A. Story again...

  3. As a card-carrying Libertarian, I'm intrigued about who Republicans would vote for...if not Republicans?

    I use rail mounted lasers, but either way, if you carry...they're pure gold for quick acquisition.

    1. If you listened, Ken from Livonia has been problematic on who he'll vote for. Would not vote for Romney because he's a Mormon.
      He wants the perfect candidate.
      I'm afraid he represents others.

  4. I wish those lasers weren't so darn expensive.

    I will say that If I need to shoot someone to protect my own life or a family member, they will be in can't miss range.

    1. These were half the price they used to be,
      $165 for Scherie's Ruger and $125 for my Kahr.

  5. Busy is good, but range time is BETTER! :-)