Saturday, November 10, 2018

What Erasure of Our History Looks Like

I am watching the popular The Man in the High Castle series on Amazon Prime.

In it, these scenes in the video below demonstrate the political orientation of people who rewrite history and tear down statues.

I was utterly shocked to see these scenes on Amazon Prime, let alone my "television"!

If you don't know, The Man in the High Castle is a highly popular series in it's third season.
It is based on a book I read back in the 70's:
It envisions that the Nazis and the Japanese won WW2 and split up North America.
The American Reich has control of the East Coast and most of the Midwest.
These scenes from the third season (that has just come out) show how the Nazi's intend to cement their grip on the American populace.
Jahr Null. Year Zero. Starting fresh.

I am, once again, amazed that the corollary between the Left and the Nazis is so clearly demonstrated.

I had originally posted these on YouTube and now they are blocked due to copyright concerns.

I recorded these off-air with subtitles for this post for the benefit of discussion.
All copyrights apply..


  1. It's a great series, very well done. Though given the NSDAP was hardly Leftist.....the modern American Left leans disturbingly towards their historical theme of pogroms.

    I also wouldn't discount the allegiance to authoritarianism that is present with many on the any similar scenario.

    I'm hoping the next season incorporates a rebellion from the Neutral Zone...where the spirit of the Republic still lives and breathers.

    1. You say the Nazis were not left.
      They were totalitarian, anti-semitic, government control of economy, pro-abortion...
      The videos depict a fictional Nazi activity similar to that of today's left.
      For the purposes of discussion, they attribute todays leftist activity to Nazi principles.

    2. One of Hitler's first economic directives as chancellor was the privatization of state industries.

      He also implemented tariffs just like you know who.

  2. Haven't yet watched your videos, but knowing how close we generally are to being on the same page I suspect I won't be surprised.
    Like CI above I too sometimes wonder at the equally guilty "always Trump" sheep. He was (and may still be) a pro-Universal Health Care liberal. It's my hope that he, his daughter, and his son-in-law have had their eyes opened wide.
    Yet he HAS surprised most of us, I believe, with his actions in this infant administration.
    Let's hope he continues listening to, and appointing conservatives.

    1. I myself am pro-Trump, as long as he is pro-America, pro-conservative principles.
      I not only hope, I pray. :)

  3. I have enjoyed the series, but I haven't seen all of Season 3.

    I watch the erasure of history in my grandchildren's education. History is eliminated from study under Common Core in both AZ and CA. One of my daughters sends my grandchildren to a charter school where history is taught, even though it's not part of the testing that is the basis for the school's rating. I spoke with my 9 year old grandson, who spent two days learning about the Civil War. Only two days (one hour per day). He came out of the two days with the concept that the South was evil, the North was noble, the war was all about slavery and Lincoln was a demi-god. They've moved on from the Civil War. That's about as good as you can expect these days, when history has been eliminated.

    We are left with whatever the leftists in education want to say that history was. It feels a lot like a combination between 1984 and Fahrenheit 451.

    1. Bill Federer told me that a nation without a history is like a man without a memory.

  4. Scary... A primer for the current left???

    1. Amazing that Bezos let his network make the connection.

  5. I read that book decades ago. Maybe it's time to re-read it!

    1. I don't remember the book clearly, to be honest, and the series certainly diverges.
      I may read it again out of curiosity.

  6. Nazziism is Fascism + Racism. Giovanni Gentile was the philosopher behind Fascism and Mussolini wrote 8 volumes on Socialism. Both were answers to Marx's failed prophecy

    1. Nazi is in German, National Socialist Party. It's Not hard

    2. Were you surprised at the depiction in the videos of statue-busters as Nazis?

    3. Nazi is in German, National Socialist Party. It's Not hard.

      No, it's not hard. NAZI is National Socialist German Workers Party [NSDAP] And there's a very specific reason that the word 'Socialist' was inserted into the name after the party's founding. Socialism certainly wasn't the draw for the party's fervent support by Freikorps and other Conservative elements in Germany.

    4. I think Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg made a good case for them being "left".

    5. Not saying that there’s not interesting arguments, but the knee jerk comparison that I usually come across is lazy and not grounded in a factual basis. There are similarities, but no other Leftist movement in recent history has been borne of such Rightwong roots.

      I’m not merely trying to be argumentative.......I’m fascinated by how history is learned and taught today.....dovetailing nicely with the theme of this post.

    6. I've often thought of the "dichotomy" of "left" and "right".
      I guess it depends on whether you define it based on nationalism, or economic or social metrics.
      There's no denying that the Nazis were ultra-nationalists and right-wing in that regard, but that they were champions of a government controlled economy and society, left-wing.
      And their social policy (except regarding LGBTMSNBC issues) was very progressive.

    7. Not sure why I can’t log in all of the sudden.

      Good points. I’d add civil liberties to your short list, though I suppose that could fall under Left or Right under the Reich, depending on your point of view.

      Interesting that the Left would find use in Nazi-like actions, when the genesis of the Party and current Neo-Nazi support is found on the Right.

      Stalinism no longer appeals?

      - CI

    8. CI, I may be wrong but I believe Rohmer and the SA had a mild connection to socialism.
      Of course they were neutered by right wing fascists during the Night of the Long Knives.

    9. "... but that they were champions of a government controlled economy and society, left-wing."
      Wrong, they were committed social darwinists.
      Do a little research on their destruction of labor unions or the Freundeskreis der Wirtschaft (the Nazi Club for Growth ).

      It's true that Hitler was only extremely friendly to corporations which contributed to the rearmament effort and larded them with subsidies but that is hardly anything the right opposes.

      The social welfare state was anathema.

      Sorry if this tears down a few of your statues.

    10. "that is hardly anything the right opposes."
      Once again, the left/right thing.
      Conservatives (nominally the "right") oppose that.

      "With 17 million Germans receiving assistance under the auspices of NSV by 1939, the agency "projected a powerful image of caring and support".[4] The Nazis provided a plethora of social welfare programs under the Nazi concept of Volksgemeinschaft, which promoted the collectivity of a people's community where citizens would sacrifice themselves for the greater good. The NSV operated 8,000 day-nurseries by 1939 and funded holiday homes for mothers, distributed additional food for large families and was involved with a wide variety of other facilities.[5]"

    11. Once again, I found it striking that the destruction of statues and history was depicted as a Nazi act in this video series.
      I realize these are fictional Nazis.
      It's their depiction that fascinates me, being compared to the leftists engaged in the same activity.