Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Death Cult

There are people who would have killed these men before they ever had a chance.
Hitler had a similar program to kill the imperfect. Aktion T4
The media calls those people Pro-Choice.
I call them pro-abortion.
I call them pro-murder.
I call them evil.
What about you?

Life is a gift. Don't throw it back in the face of the Giver.

This guy's going to the Super Bowl!


  1. Either all life is sacred and protected by the LAW, or no life is sacred. And we know that in this nation of declining values, that in some areas murder of the unborn is celebrated, applauded and cheered. They sell their dead bodies for profit, and buy luxury items and revel in it.

    1. I was asked to pray on the show today!
      That the Lord would open this countries eyes.

  2. let them revel away hell has no luxuries
    killing of the elderly is next on the agenda, to be done for kindness to those deemed unfit.

  3. What LL said... And we're next. The elderly are becoming 'disposable' as soon as we can no longer contribute to the tax base with a salary... sigh

  4. If a seed has sprouted but not yet breached the soil's surface it is still a living plant. Seems simple.

  5. It is now more evil to put on some black shoe polish than kill a baby. We sure hve come a long way.

  6. Great SOTU speech by our great president. It was another example of our great divide and just how evil those withes in white are and the rest of the America hating left.

  7. I wonder if what Frank Stephens said reached any of the hostile-to-valuing-life Congress critters.