Thursday, June 20, 2019

Joe Biden Working With Segregationists

Joe (Sleepy) Biden recently came out complaining about the failure of congressmen and women to act in a bipartisan manner on issues of common concern.
He misses the ability to work together with political rivals without bitter attacks.
According to the New York Times, "Mr. Biden routinely characterizes that era and those relationships as more civil and functional, with less demonization of the other side, even amid vigorous clashes over explosive issues like race."

Joe has come under a lot of fire from fellow democrats for his reminiscing fondly of working with men who were well known for being segregationists.
Kamala Harris, Cory (Spartacus) Booker, et al are dyspeptic over Joe finding common ground with Herman Eugene Talmadge,  U.S. Senator from Georgia and James O. Eastland, U.S. Senator from Missisippi.

What I don't understand is why Biden remembers these guys across the aisle as Republicans.
Both these senators were Democrats as most segregationists were/are.

So instead of attacking Biden for trying to get work done in the Senate, perhaps they could attack him for another gaffe, a lack of memory of events and personages.

My first clue is that these guys were racists. I immediately wondered why they were characterized then as Republicans. Wiki is fairly clear as to their political affiliation.

Remember, Democrats are the party of slavery, Jim Crow laws, Bull Connor, Poll Taxes, etc, etc, etc.


  1. What was the old saying about tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth? Seeing as VERY few democrats can think for themselves, and would never fact check one of their own, they'll just keep repeating it again, and again, and nauseam....

    1. Exactly! The complicit media is leaving the public with the impression that these segregationists were Republicans.

  2. Revising history is a good way of making yourself look fabulous. Biden is old, but I don't thinkdementia is at fault. He's a big, fat liar who will say anything to anyone for personal gain, i.e., he's a typical democrat.

  3. And the left is never fact-checked by the Corporate Media.

  4. Biden jumps the shark on the racism being a republican thing. He will likely go too far, and the democrats will be exposed as the racists they are to more people.