Sunday, June 9, 2019

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Mad Jack posted about sleeping poorly.

It reminded me of something that happened this last week.

I wasn't sleeping through the night as I'd get up for the bathroom, and when back in bed, I'd lay awake thinking about stuff.
I told my doctor about it in passing and he gave me something "light".
Nortriptyline. (I just finally read the side-effects a few minutes ago).

It seems that the other night I slept through three police cars in my driveway and the cops knocking loud enough on the front door to wake a neighbor kid who told me about it the next day.
They wanted entry to my back yard to look for a break-in suspect.

Well after reading the side-effects, (none of which I've experienced, yet, thank God), I think I'll stop.


  1. I had been wondering if perhaps you'd used a sleeping aid. Sounds like it worked a bit too well; we're just glad you're okay.

  2. Ambian is no bargain for side effects either I hear.

    Best of luck.

  3. Ambien often leads to whacky dreams.
    It did to me on the third time.
    I told the doctor no more Ambien, so he gave me this stuff.

  4. At 72, I'm now taking six different meds along with some food supplements. I still argue there's NO WAY "experts" can possibly imagine all the permutations of drug interactions.
    (And a heart transplant friend I visited with this week is taking 41 different meds. Just sorting them into his pill dispenser takes almost an hour!)
    But I cannot shout too loud 'cause our lifespan IS increasing, isn't it?

    1. Years ago I was taking something for allergies and my doctor prescribed something for something else, I forget.
      I went to the pharmacy and the pharmacist refused to fill it and called the doctors office to complain.
      Seems that there had been a number of recent deaths attributed to the combination. I remember one was polaramine, I think the other was motrin. Seemed innocuous.