Friday, February 14, 2020

Barr, Trump and Stone

I can protest, tweet and post about Roger Stone's mistreatment by liberal prosecutors and judge.

You can protest, tweet and post about Roger Stone's mistreatment by liberal prosecutors and judge.

But President Trump cannot protest, tweet and post about Roger Stone's mistreatment by liberal prosecutors and judge.

When did he lose his first amendment right to speak out against injustice?

Would the left rather he direct Barr to resolve the issue?


  1. Your questions bring up another: where is the line between Right to speak (which he hasn’t lost) and undue influence from the Chief Law Enforcement Officer.

    Presuming of course, that there was any actual mistreatment to begin with.

    1. The guy was nailed for his politics.
      A process charge, like Flynn.
      Way over sentenced.
      That's mistreatment.
      Sure it looks like Trump is communicating his wishes to Barr.
      I don't care.
      Stone was no friend of Trump.
      "Trump said of the firing, “I hardly ever spoke to the guy; he was just there. He played no role of any kind,” the Times reported in 2015."

    2. He was nailed for breaking the law, then flagrant contempt. He’s human feces.

    3. I’d caution to remember how precedent works. You don’t care now, you can’t care in the future.

    4. Obama had his "wingman" Holder in his pocket.
      I'm sure Obama gave him marching orders, but probably didn't have to as they were of the same cloth.
      I don't care for Stone. He may be feces. But he's a human who deserves better than the treatment he got from the DOJ.

    5. Stone deserved better than he got from his own defense team.

    6. Like Flynn, and they'll prob both get a mistrial, retrial, or charge drop.

    7. And I’m cool with most of that, so long as they atone for the crimes they committed.

    8. Time served. Or harassment served.

    9. I find it fascinating how nobody affiliated with Trump is ever guilty....only “victims”. We’ve seen this movie before........

  2. I think that the constant tweeting annoys a lot of people on both sides of the situation. Maybe a phone call to Barr about the tweet before he did it might be in order. At least a heads-up.

    1. That might be construed as coercion more that a tweet I would think.
      I trust Barr tipped Trump before the ABC interview, but maybe not.
      Bunkerville doesn't think much of Barr.
      I'm somewhat Polly-annish.

  3. Barr is a traitor......he has promoted Liu since the day he was confirmed. She handled Roger Stone's case and much more. Barr wanted her to be #3 at DOJ, the Senate would not even consider it... months later he wants her at the treasury and Trump just withdrew it.

  4. I like Barr. I like Trump. Both can be true. They are not mutually exclusive.

  5. At least our President lays the cards out on the table. Much more preferable, imo.

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