Monday, March 30, 2020

Please Excuse Me If I Seem Incredulous

A hurricane that only affects the reporter.

A horrific battle.... in Kentucky.

The President is a Russian Asset....

And New York is under Seige from the Wuhan Virus....

The reporter all PPE'd and the cameraman not.

And I'm supposed to believe that the American Economy must be shut down to save the world.
Or that Trump is to blame for the Wuhan Virus.

Please Excuse Me If I Seem Incredulous...

And then there's this:


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    1. Hey. If it's real, why fake it to make your point?

    2. Exactly, when something is so EASILY DEBUNKED it erodes what little credibility they have/had to begin with... Yet, many morons (DUMBocrats) will just quickly forget the LIES and DISTORTIONS to tune-in to lap up the next set of indoctrination as to what they should FEEL (Emotional Hysterics) rather than LOGIC/REASON offered by legitimate Journalists!

    3. The Covid-19 virus is bad. Real bad. But is it panic-worthy?

    4. So, what's going on in the Michigan hospitals?

    5. Some are shutting down (one near me) for lack of business.
      Only a few in Detroit got swamped for a bit, but not overwhelmed.
      The hospitals are being murdered financially.
      To make up for it, every case is a Covid-19.
      I just learned tonight that my father-in-law was admitted for pneumonia and that he had tested for Covid.
      Now it seems it isn't. Because he hasn't died. He's 88 and you'd never guess it. Still climbs on his roof to shingle.

  2. I added link to your (this) piece in my WUHAN VIRUS Article cuz I think you help drive home the point more that if there were just one example could be easily dismissed but these HYPES, EXAGERATIONS, HOAXES, ETC, occur over and over and over with UNTRUSTWORTHY LIBERAL BIAS STATIONS!

    Want to share this snippet, as you mention the NYCHospitalLIE

    Mon Mar 30 - now US #eneMEDIA are taking footage from SkyNews from Italian Hospitals and CLAIMING THEM TO BE FOOTAGE OF NY HOSPITALS! If things are the way they say they are, WHY DO THEY NEED TO TELL/SHOW OBIVOUS EASILY DEBUNKABLE LIE? #eneMEDIAliesmatter #democratLIESmatter

    ALSO -- Did you see COMMIECRAT CUOMO (Friday 3/27) try to Pivot and claim they don't need them and that's why they are in storage for now DIRECTLY CONTRADICTING what he said on Thu 3/26 (that they needed more IMMEDIATELY)?!?! That, of course, just one of the #democratLIESmatter....

    Have you noticed #CUOMO (and other #DUMBocrats) change their tune (someone with a Brain must have finally explained REALITY vs his Delusional DemocratFairyTaleLandWorld to him/them)...

    On Tue 3/24 - Idiot #Cuomo (and others) WHINES again! Moron DUMBocrats have never worked a Day in their Lives (certainly NEVER had a damn thing to do with Manufacturing of anything - ever) and have ZERO understanding how things Work. And HIS IS NOT THE ONLY STATE (WE ARE NOT THE ONLY NATION) NEEDING THEM does he want to explain why others should DIE (as he put it) in Other States to save his behind?!?!

    You do NOT just turn off the Lights at a GM Plant (or any Mfg site) on Tue night, and magically Walk in on Wed morning to immediately start producing Ventilators (or anything, other than what you were originally designed to make)!

    Even in the simplist PIVOTS from one thing to another - It takes TIME to retool (some minimal, sometimes ALOT) and retrain and order proper supplies (get them RUSH DELIVERED which still takes time) and gear up Production and then you don't just start cranking out a Bizzillion of anything without RAMP UP and heavy QUALITY CONTROL CHECKS to ensure you are doing things right before pushing out large quantities that may be desperately needed!

    Morons like #Cuomo and #Newsome will never understand REALITY - they think a Dictatorial Order "WISHING things to appear" will result in Magic Wand waving instant item creation!

    #CA & #NY are the highest Taxed and biggest Spending States, yet they are NEVER PREPARED (cuz they waste 90% of all monies) never investing in things to be ready for an Emergency (like #NY failing to replenish Ventilators previously depleted they just ignored Ordering in 2016) - ANY EMERGENCY of any kind, EVER! They FAIL, and always need the other 48 States to always BAIL THEM OUT!

    #REALNEWS: NEW #CoronaVirusUPDATES Sat Mar 28 2020 updated

    So much info, scattered in so many different posts...
    Here is your ONE-STOP location/Article for reference/sharing...

    All #WuhanVirus (aka: #COVID19) details, #FACTS NOT #eneMEDIA #FakeNews #SPIN:

  3. And, of course, you didn't even begin to touch-on how they love to play up #JussieSmollett and other HOAXES and the retractions when they are proven to be LIES are nowhere to be found!

    Liberal #eneMEDIA - all the News that's fit to DISTORT!

    #LeftWing #BIAS #eneMEDIA #FakeNews #SPIN outlets!
    Don't believe it? Just give 5 mins to watch this and #RedPill.
    Brandon Straka's - The #HardTruth, Episode 1: Media Bias #WalkAway Education Series
    Review, often, #REALNEWS tag for what they don't want you to see/know!

  4. My son has a degree in journalism. I tried to talk him out of it, but he’s a terrific writer and besides that, he knows better than I do. In my argument, I offered the fact that in the US, there are more than 400 schools that offer degrees in journalism, and if there were 100 students graduating with journalism degrees every year, that would mean that he would compete with 40,000 other people nationwide for a position in his field of study. And, I said, this probably explains why entry-level positions in journalism are so low and why it is near impossible to find work in that field. Obviously, as I said, it was a very poor argument on my part. In any case, he has a degree in journalism and now works for a major pharmacy chain.

    So, you have lots of people with journalism degrees who realize early on that if they want to keep working in that field, they pretty much have to do what their editors tell them; they have to write articles with a peculiar slant. They either give the editor what he or she wants, or they start looking for work elsewhere. What this means to me is that there is NO integrity in the field. It’s more about exchanging income for personal and professional integrity. Just so that we understand, my son was told that (1) no good reporter will wear a US flag pin on his or her lapel, and (2) a good reporter will always represent the interests of the people, which is the mantra of the Democratic Party.

    A few “freelance” writers have made it, but not many. Worse, individuals who have degrees in journalism know very little about history, sociology, international relations, or political science. They are, in effect, out of their depth. I occasionally watch the White House pressers. The questions are ludicrous. These young journalists, for the lack of a better word, do not even know enough about the world around them to ask a cogent question of the President or his press secretary. It tells you that college educated men and women with specialist degrees (beyond arts and letters) are among the least educated people in our society today. Morons, who do not even realize that they are used as pawns to achieve a decidedly anti-American agenda.

    Do I read newspapers? Only when I’m researching an issue. Do I watch the evening or 24-hour news programs? Not for more than five minutes a day. Do I believe anything of what I hear or see on concocted television? Maybe around 5% ... no more than that.

    Good post, Ed ... I hope it gets wide circulation. America needs its eyes opened.

    1. Thank you sir. High praise from you.

    2. I totally agree with Mustang. A news outlet needs revenues... Shades of William Randolph Hearst.

  5. 99.9% of MSM content is clickbait intended to generate revenue. They don't report 'the news'. If they did people would for one thing understand that asylum seekers and migrants and refugees are 99.9% military aged moslem vermin.

  6. One example for fun. My wife used to watch ABC World News with David Muir every night. I pointed out that they don't report World News and in fact they have a template that they use for every single show:
    - 2 "news" stories. The more dramatic the better but they often have to resort to reporting about a single car crash out of the thousands that occur every day in America.
    - Follow with 2 Trump hit pieces
    - Finish with a 'puppy rescued from a drain pipe' story and a big smile.
    - I'm David Muir I'll see you tomorrow.
    Quite the load of worthless nonsense.
    She doesn't watch much anymore.

    1. Great lesson Kid.

      Hey Ed, get permission to use this anecdote at FB for whenever you deem it might provide an insight or at least a laugh.

  7. This is the most devastating blog post I've seen in years.

  8. I respect your opinion, Ed. As for the media's? Not so much. You nailed that. However, they may be the proverbial blind squirrel here, as this strain seems particularly virulent. Like looking for my errant drive just off the fairway and only finding a thousand burs stuck to my sock. burs that want to kill me.

    1. I fully understand that this is a deadly disease. I just don't know the true scope.
      The numbers are being thrown about carelessly, or worse, maniputavely.
      Read William M Briggs, a smart statistician, and others. Mortality rate, and other terms that are being used wrongly.
      I am not qualified to discern if I'm being mislead. Nor or are the majority.
      But some who are, are calling "foul!".
      But as Mustang pointed out, the least qualified are the "journalists".

    2. @DaBlade ... I'm not a doctor, but I did watch Joey Triviani play one on TV. As regards the virus, I simply am unable to trust anything the government tells me. So I do research on my own to try to figure it all out. We keep getting all these reports about the death toll so far ...

      Let’s use NYC for an example. We are being told that so far, since January, 1,000 people have died as a result of the coronavirus. That’s 1,000 people over the past 91 days. In that same period of time, 38,220 people have died in NYC from other causes. In other words, .026% of the deaths in NYC in the past 91 days are as a result of the coronavirus. It is an interesting perspective, I think. Let us not be afraid. Let us all use good judgment in our own circumstances, trust in God, and not give in to irrational fear.

    3. I'm seeing your point. As Rush said, it's not lives versus the economy, it's lives versus lives. We need to wrap up this whole self-imposed shut down.

    4. Thank you. And we're shredding the Constitution.

  9. Geeez says:
    April 1, 2020 at 9:51 am

    FUNNY…some of you know Shaw, the leftwing blogger? Every once in a while she has someone inform me she’s mentioned my blog…the truth is I don’t even remember what she calls hers anymore so even if I wanted to I couldn’t see it.
    But she uses a person who’s NEVER on my blog to ‘tell me’ what’s going on there….i get it in Comments Moderation and delete it. And I think it’s she who has other email addresses and INFORMS ME !
    WHy do liberals hate this much and why BOTHER? TO hurt? I’m PROUD to be singled out by liberals fearful of us. NICE ??

    Correct, and to the Point.
    The only answer could be Jealousy!

    1. Ive read her Crapola, and i personally think that she's out of her freaken mind.

  10. Excellent post with examples that hit home.....The truth and nothing but the truth? Long gone.

  11. Great job, Ed. I am so tired of hearing panic stricken newsers giving death numbers. Just once I'd like to hear one of them say "Woohoo, look at that, look at all those people who recovered!"

    1. Thanks RC! I appreciate you commenting here, also.

  12. The people ahead of me said it all...almost...

    The data is impossibly flawed. We are generally sure that somewhere between 30,000 and 45,000 people died in Wuhan in the first couple months of the year, but we have no idea how many people contracted the disease.

    Italy, Spain, the UK and the USA have not tested everyone, so the death rate is unknown. The only reliable data is that X people went to the hospital and tested positive because they were very sick and X people died. Those stats, while interesting do not tell us that much.

    NOBODY knows what the long term effects of the plague are. The Chinese (see my Sermonette tomorrow) are thinking that it will mutate inside of their bodies and will make them sick again. Some researchers in the USA agree.

    We will ALL get COVID-19. We will either suffer an infection (which may be blunted by anti-malarials) or we will be inoculated - and will develop antibodies. This thing is just that infectious.

    COVID-19 has mutated once according to the Chinese during the early days of the infection. Since it is a virus, it's likely to mutate again. I've heard talking heads say, "It's a remarkably stable virus - no indications of mutation." You wonder where they got THAT.

    Open businesses, allow herd immunity to be established, sensitive people need to quarantine themselves, and let's get back to work.

    1. ""It's a remarkably stable virus - no indications of mutation." You wonder where they got THAT."
      Exactly the point of my post.
      You are spot on about the data. Percentages of what?
      I've heard two people say that they each lost and 84-85 old relative to causes other than Covid that was tagged as Covid.
      There's money to be had from money budgeted for Covid relief if your claims are made relative to Covid.

    2. CDC Tells Hospitals To List COVID as Cause of Death Even if You're Just Assuming or It Only Contributed

  13. you have got to see this ( clear fakery of NY Hospital USING DUMMIES show by Local News!

    Yes, if things are so bad - there would be no reason TO LIE!
    You have seen Video over and over - if they were to worry about patient "confidentiality" they could/would BLUR THE FACES OF REAL PEOPLE and not resort to deception.
    How many times have you seen NEWS VIDEO with partial blurring due to CONFIDENTIALITY concerns - the exact same could be done IF THEY WERE TO HAVE HONEST FOOTAGE and not have to rely on this kind of clear/obvious fakery!

    SCREEN CAPTURE the Video if you want to have a copy cuz YouTube will for sure pull it ASAP.

    Now this is NOT to say that SOME ARE SICK and SOME ARE DYING - I have a Friend that died on Tuesday. We are well aware of the problems she had at her Hospital (she was a Nurse) and they more or less let her Die (one of their own) but yes other than that it is NOT the numbers they are talking about!

    1. That's interesting Joe. Thanks.

    2. You have seen Video over and over - if they were to worry about patient "confidentiality" they could/would BLUR THE FACES OF REAL PEOPLE (as done here: and here: and not resort to deception!

  14. Am I supposed to believe that Donald Trump is to blame for the Wuhan Virus.

    Please Excuse Me If I Seem To Smell A DemoRat Spreading These Rumors.

  15. You have seen Video over and over - if they were to worry about patient "confidentiality" they could/would BLUR THE FACES OF REAL PEOPLE (as done here: and here: and not resort to deception!