Monday, April 27, 2020

Go Fund Me link for LindaG

Go Fund Me link for LindaG 
Our friend Adrienne set up a GoFundMe page for LindaG (Linda Gremillion of Lecompte, Louisiana).

Our wonderful blogger buddy, LindaG , lost her home, and pretty much lost everything but their lives, when a tornado ripped through Rapides Parish, Louisiana on the evening of Wednesday, April 22.
She is a woman of great faith and gentleness and considers herself lucky since at least 7 people lost their lives as the storm blew through Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.
Their charming farm house was about 150 or more years old so no one would insure it and now it’s a total wreck. Linda and her husband were restoring the house before the tornado struck.
Her son escaped being buried under a brick wall and roofing when he luckily left his room for a drink of water.
LindaG and her husband are both US Air Force veterans who served our country with distinction.  Let’s show our support by helping them in their time of need.
Thank you on behalf of Linda G.