Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Realize that the major reason for the booming economy of 2017-2019 was the removal of much of the oppressive regulatory activity promoted by the left.
Consider that the current strangulation of the economy is due to  oppressive regulatory activity promoted by the left.
Remember that.
The left hates a healthy economy because it sets you free from them.

My 87 year old Father-in-law was admitted Saturday with Covid.
The record says he was throwing up and had a fever, which he denies.
They released him yesterday. It was pneumonia.
Yet they scared him into thinking he might have infected his wife.
He's walking around now, and is gone to the store to pick up his prescriptions. Left the oxygen tank at home.
I'll bet he's still statistically a Covid admission.
Inflate the curve.

I just got back from Meijer's Grocery.
Most were wearing masks.
Except for myself and a few others.
Like that paper over your mouth will stop a virus.
Checking out, a number of employees and customers with masks half off. Some down below their chin while they were talking.
I got a good laugh in produce where a guy was trying to ask a question and nobody could understand him til he took it off.
They had lot's of TP, little bread and little rice.
I don't think that's a product of hoarding,
That's a product of our government driving people into poverty.


  1. The aristocracy mostly hated the peasants and our "upper class" thinks like them.

    The mistake by Americans was in permitting many people to believe they are the new aristocracy and that there's nothing us hated ones can do about it. Heh.

  2. I wish that I could find TP around here. I went to my usual grocery store last Thursday @ 8:00 AM: no paper towels, no toilet paper. Not a single swatch!

    What is it with people hoarding all this toilet paper?

    1. PS: I have to get a 12-year molar yanked next week and am now on antibiotics in advance. Not looking forward to the likely diarrhea!

    2. That used to happen to me. Do you eat yogurt and/or take pro-biotics? That helped me when I got a root canal a few weeks ago.
      We will be praying for you.

    3. Ed,
      Thank you for your prayers.

      I'll try to get some yogurt.

  3. it is going to get much, much worse before it eventually gets a little better. The hammer has not yet even fallen I'm afraid. In any case, our golf league is starting up on time this week, so "let them drink beer".

    1. Yeah, but it looks like it's gonna be the cheap stuff.
      Blatz for you!

    2. I'd like to say that along with Jerry, I too play golf. Sadly, there is nothing I do on the golf course that even remotely resembles anything you might see on the Golf Channel. For me to remain in the competitive category with my fellow septuagenarians, I'd need around five mulligan's per hole.

  4. Down in my neck of the woods, Texans are basically thumbing their nose at the aristocrats, and going about their business. The mask joke is getting old, and the officers are ignoring those ignoring the laws.

    We have plenty of toilet paper, bread, meat...and even hand sanitizer, although it's cheaper to buy a good bourbon and sterilize both sides at the same time.

    1. Jess,
      We have plenty of toilet paper, bread, meat...and even hand sanitizer

      Lucky you! It's not like that here in Northern Virginia. **grrrrr**

    2. Oh, to live in Texas, land of cattle. Not in the Blue Kingdoms of VA and MI, lands of sheeple..

    3. The only thing that's changed in my county is that restaurants are closed. No problem because I don't go to them anyway. Police are leaving everyone alone, mask or not. If there is a lockdown, you'd never know it here. Initially there were shortages of soups, paper products, etc., but it didn't last long. The military bases remain closed except for essential personnel, which I thought all military personnel were essential. I've reasoned that our beaches remain closed because no one wants to infect a man-eating shark with Covid-19 virus. Generally, people are pissed off about government over reach and I see that as a good thing. It could be a long summer, though.

    4. Mustang, Here is some idiot trying to infect a Great White. Seems like that shark could have put his tail to good use and jumped up quickly and made that guy's new nickname stumpy.

    5. @ Kid ... that guy deserves to lose his arm. You were just being nice calling him an idiot. He's worse than that, I just don't know what the word is for worse than an idiot.

    6. The word you're looking for is "Schiff".

    7. Good one Ed.

      And come to think of it, you could have used it in place of stuff when that lady asked you what SHTF meant. :D

  5. Glad your Father-in-law is recovering.

  6. That sure was some scare for you... glad it worked out.... we are short of meat eggs and milk at the store... Fortunately our community is in Amish land so the local butchers keep us in good shape..... yet the farmers in PA are throwing their milk out or giving it away... same with chickens. It almost makes me think its time for some tin foil connecting the dots. It sure is a puzzle

    1. I here it's logistics because of loss of delivery to restaurants.
      That means more demand on grocers and shortages there.
      I hope it evens out soon.