Thursday, May 14, 2020

Was Flynn Unmasked?

At about the 43 minute mark, this gets real interesting.

Dan Bongino is making a case that Flynn wasn't unmasked.

Provides testimony and dates.

Flynn was targeted. Not a byproduct.

Either our IC did it or a foreign agency that gave it to the Obama team, which is using unmasking to cover up.

Makes a good case.

That is REALLY against the law.


  1. That it is... This is going to be UGLY!

  2. Nobody believes anything from anyone anymore. Unless there are real repercussions and prosecutions leading to jail time, everything will remain broken.

  3. I do not think it is illegal for the office of the Vice President to request that the NSA “un-mask” an American citizen. It is also not illegal for the NSA to grant such requests of high-ranking officials. I do think that un-masking them for political purposes and then releasing this “classified information” to the press is illegal. As far as the press is concerned, they break no law by publishing information they receive, no matter what source. The morality of doing that, however, is another matter. I’ve long given up the notion that we have a moral press.

    As Jerry said, good luck getting any prosecutions. Democrats are immune from prosecution of all laws, federal or state, which explains why Hillary escaped prosecuted for criminal negligence (Benghazi), and why no one has ever charged Biden with molesting young girls. Any nation pursuing politically selective prosecution is an immoral nation and this is where we are in the USA today.

    1. Yes to all you said Mustang.
      What I find fascinating is that this does not appear to have been an unmasking, legal or otherwise.
      The transcripts were not obtained "as advertised" it seems.
      The "unmasking" seems to be a cover for how the information was originally obtained. From a foreign intelligence agency spying on Flynn.
      That Flynn was the target, not the Russian ambassador, Kislyak.
      That's big news.
      Hopefully, Durham is on it to the degree we have been led to believe.

  4. Couldn't we just simplify America by placing all politicians with a D after their names in prison? After all, it's only a matter of time before they break the law.

    1. They are therefore self-described criminals!
      "D" is their gang sign.