Tuesday, June 9, 2020

My White Privilege

Let me be clear about my white privilege.
It has been my privilege to associate with many fine people of many races, starting with my time in service and moving forward.
To be friends with many of them.
To stand with them and when appropriate, for them.
As a member of the Abolitionist Round Table, I stand with those who call for the end of the wanton killing of all babies, and particularly the slaughter of black babies, the preferred target of Planned Parenthood. Their black lives matter.
All lives matter.

All these white politicians taking a knee.
Derek Chauvin took a knee and look where it got us.
What are they trying to tell us that they support?


  1. Interesting that they took to their knees in front of King Kamehameha, given the benign (NOT) approach taken with the Kingdom of Hawaii.

    1. The racists are turning their collective back on him!

  2. I only kneel to the Lord.

    If I ever had white privilege I never knew what it was, but if it had anything to do with the long work days I put in while I was still in grade school, I would have been happy with a lot less privilege.

  3. Replies
    1. And the kinta scarves are sign of oppression.

  4. Talking about Lies, Lies, and more Lies! We all have to ignore the leftist’s hype, and ignore those rigged polls that the media has stacked, and stick to the basic facts, like the crowds that we see at the Trump rallies,we need to ignore the BS shown, and heard on the Fake News stations especially CNN. etc. . Who out of all the politicians is saying what must happen to keep the country together and who are saying all the things that will create chaos to tear it apart? Donald J. Trump was elected for promising to do the things necessary to make America Great again. The only promises he could not keep is due only to the people with unlimited funds to squash his attempt to succeed. The communist party is determined to change your opinion of who should be our president. We mustn't let them.

    So they got this band of Thugs to Burn our cities to the ground, and loot our businesses so that we are not only distracted, but frightened. And when our President wants to send in the Troops to wipe them out, these Commie Governors refuse to allow it.

    As for the November election, don't believe that hype either...Joe Biden is a joke and the Socialist-Democrats know it. They also know it will take Voters Fraud along with a miracle to put Gropin Joe the moron in the White House even with the Voter’s Fraud.

  5. Who falls for this nonsense ?

  6. What is next....Joe Biden with a "fro"?

  7. Do you all wonder if there was White privilege, why the hell did Kenyan Obama run as a Black?