Sunday, August 30, 2020

A Mini Mob of One

I do two radio shows on Saturdays.

I do my own at 8 am, then I co-host Moment of Clarity at 2pm with my friends Pastor Rick Deitering and Phil Stargell (of Abolitionist Round Table).

Yesterday, after my show, I asked Scherie to join me for breakfast at Big Sky Diner.
Big Sky is owned by an Albanian immigrant/citizen Tony. He's a real patriot.

Big Sky hosted the local appearance of Herman Cain when he ran for office and the local Tea Party meets there. I once was sitting there and overheard a couple discussing their gun purchase, and we had a nice conversation with them and the waitress joined in.

There's a new waitress there who we will refer to as "L". She's been a good waitress.
Yesterday, another waitress "T", who can be fairly outspoken, and conservative, told us (and did so in a lowered voice) that L thought the restaurant was full of racists. I asked how so, and it turned out that it was because none of the patrons supported BLM (I prefer BLT, whole wheat, no mayo).

 She told us that she herself didn't support the KKK or BLM, and I remarked that they were both extremist terrorist organizations and she agreed. She said that there was enough racism on both sides and that her kids faced it at school before she pulled them out, having been called "crackers".

The diner has patrons of all races and they all interact well.
For example, a black gentleman came to the register near our booth and asked for his to go order.
It was exactly what I had had for breakfast and I apologized for eating his breakfast and we both laughed even though we had never met before.

Well, soon after that, a black woman and her husband (fifty-ish) came to the register and the woman started getting loud demanding that that racist waitress (T) be fired. Her husband tried to calm her down but she was having none of it. Tony's wife Eida, herself a recent immigrant (he had gone back to Albania to marry her 5 years ago) tried to assuage her, but she was having none of it, demanding that T be fired. After a few minutes of her shrill one-sided escalation, she demanded the cops be called!

Her husband was still trying to get her to leave, and I turned and asked her, "Ma'am, what has been done here that would involve the police?".
I know, but I couldn't help myself.
Her reply?
"I'll leave, but I'm coming back and I'm bringing Antifa!".

So on Moment of Clarity later, we were discussing Social Justice and I relayed this incident.
Martin called in to mention that he had also been at the diner and heard the entire incident.

He had been meeting with a GOP group that he is a part of and they wondered what the brouhahah was about.
I was surprised, as I didn't know that he was in the diner.
I've known Martin for years.

Well, Scherie and I went back for dinner and the place hadn't been torched nor had the mob shown up.

Trust me, there were a lot of people who had reacted to this woman in a calm, de-escalating manner.
Well, T had to be asked to step away, but there was no shouting except from the woman, and given the current climate, anything can be concerning.
We live in Ypsilanti Township which is not a liberal enclave like neighboring Ypsilanti City whose offices proudly display BLM and LGBQT flags, and is of course, a university town,
Last year at the Ypsi City 4th of July parade, there was an Antifa contingent, but they did nothing antagonistic, But they exist.

I know a number of people who no longer keep their battle rifles cased.
We won't be having any of that nonsense here.


  1. Somehow, someone needs to make clear to everyone that not supporting BLM does not mean we don't support or not support anybody because of the color of their skin. Or the Klan, for that matter. This has been the goal of the Left; make them feel racist, make them feel xenophobic, say they're anti-gay, GET THEM TO FEEL GUILTY and they will BACK OFF. Nobody supports Black America as much as I do and always have, and nobody goes for the Marxist business of BLM less than I do. And I'm SURE I'm not speaking only for myself. Very happy that diner survived....Hoping everyone learns more about the real BLM movement.

    1. The BLM Movement = bowel movement.

    2. The problem is that the more you protest you aren't racist, and insist that ALL lives matter, they will mob attack and bully harder. No, reason no longer is the answer. The reasonable people are already with us.

    3. DaBlade: Now they have to vote that way.

  2. There was recently an incident in D.C. where SJW protestors tried to cajole and shame sidewalk diners into regurgitating “white silence is violence” with the raised clenched fist. At least one woman wasn’t playing and refused......which is largely why anyone heard about it in the first place.

    Sometimes I regret living too far out to experience that sort of entertainment......

    1. I know! I was wondering what to use for Antifa bait.
      But I'd give a fist alright.

  3. There's always been rude, mentally unstable people since Day 1. The trouble with current times is that the MSM, the DemoKKKrats, and others are an enabler for these devil's disciples. It's emboldening them to be violent. I'm so thankful that situation didn't escalate to the point of no return.
    Like most here, I try to pray for our Country and "leaders" daily. Just keep praying, be alert and be armed.

  4. Sounds like you almost needed some Roof Top Albanians, Ed!

  5. Hi, Ed. (I finally figured out getting to your post!)
    Actually, BLM has stood for Bureau of Land Management for decades so had it first. The other BLM actually is RACIST because they're putting one group of people above all others because of the color of their skin.
    That should end the argument.

    1. If everyone was that clear minded, Mal, there'd be no Democratic Party.

  6. Wow. They're messing with Albanians? That's beyond stupid.

    Rifles cased? No. Ready to go by the front door. Well, a shotgun and 5.56. Just in case.

  7. Agree with LSP, they just make people 'go away'...