Saturday, August 1, 2020

Coronadoom, Church and Culture Clash

Two great guests today.
Talking Coronadoom, church and culture with Professor William Wagner of the Great Lakes Justice Center.

Then Matt Briggs (William M. Briggs) Statistician to the Stars!
What does the science say?


And I like this guy's attitude:



  1. Buy generators.
    Scroom in every way we can.

  2. Yeah, buy generators. Or, do as the First Christians did, meet in people's homes, or outside, or wherever.
    I'm under a 30 day ban from commenting on FB for standing up about the forced masking. I sent the link to Steve. He can post this info.
    Keep looking up. Perhaps Jesus will be back soon.
    God bless. :)

    1. Like I said, "Christians are used to candlelight services."

  3. Good comments on the interview. We can't 'do' church here in California. But it's 'safe' to gather for a Dem-approved cause (Lewis funeral):

    1. Thanks for listening. Some of the professor's and my discussion is relevant to Z's Post today.

    2. I'm kind of enjoying 'doing' church on YouTube, tell you the truth! Great stuff...wonderful comments from fellow parishioners on the side.....But I have to admit I went to a baby boy's first birthday Sunday at the ocean and loved seeing in person some of my friends from church! THanks for the mention, Ed. And ya, I had heard this guy...I get nervous with "God TOLD ME" but we all get times when we feel that's happened...and if God isn't talking to some of us TODAY, I'm not sure when he would!!! Thanks.

    3. So you get to "talk" in church. :)
      God's talking. Virtually yelling.

  4. These rioters are destroying $400,000 fire trucks that were bought from your tax money and tax money will be used to fix them. Some of you people are cheering them on.These trucks are out of service putting innocent lives at risk. How does attacking the fire department help in any way ?

    1. It doesn't. Not us anyway.
      It's all part of the left wing plan to destroy America.

  5. Briggs is pretty awesome. He's been blogging for a LONG time - I think I've been linking to him for ten years.

    1. I've only been aware of him since I heard him on another radio show a few years ago. Brilliance.
      I once asked him, and meant to on air but ran out of time, if everything we needed to know about modeling Covid was the Diamond Princess and he agreed. Made my day.

  6. Yeah, Newsom threatened to do that... Y'know; go ahead and look into some of the older Catholic churches. You'll notice that the alters in these places look a lot like tombs. There's a reason for that. The early Christian Church was under almost constant persecution, so there services were held in, you guessed it, the catacombs where folks were buried. The altar WAS a tomb. If a threat arrived, each person was responsible for grabbing a candle, the chalice, or whatever, and scattering, only to meet somewhere else.

    Take comfort in knowing that, though the left attempts to play Whack-A-Mole with our churches, it can never win!

    1. Amen. Christians are use to candlelight services.
      But don't touch their AC.

  7. Congratulations on your radio show. Good job. Also, that was really good getting Dr Briggs on the show. I always enjoy hearing him and reading his blog.

    1. Wow, I didn't know so many of my friends knew of him!

  8. Biden is a Crook, a corrupted Cheater and a disgusting, inept politician. Those are all traits Trump does not have. Neither do the people who follow him. We need decency back in our government. We have sunk so low with people like Biden, Pelosi, Schiff,that dingbat AOC, and Nadler in the democratic Party

    1. I'm Ed Bonderenka, and I approve the preceding message.

  9. All the BS about how great Joey is and what he has accomplished in his first week. But if you call giving away billions of taxpayer dollars and receiving not a damn thing in return, loosing Thousands of Jobs, and treating our Troops like Crap, then yes, he has been successful. The next thing that I expect to see is his coming to to China and Bowing. And the same with ,Iran, North Korea, and Russia because he wants to look like Mister good guy.

    BTW, Where's Hunter and who is he selling daddy's influence to this

  10. This media coverage issue is critical as any disturbance in Minneapolis is likely to be replicated elsewhere in Minnesota. Given the actions of violent radical activists and agitators such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter, it may quickly spread across the country.

    While we will have to wait and see how the media covers the defense, it would be prudent to prepare for civil unrest and possibly curfews and other restrictions. Some areas may find that their local stores are closed, some having been burned, looted, or simply boarded-up.

    I cannot even begin to imagine the pressure on the jury to convict Cauvin to prevent civil disorder.

  11. There prob’ly ain’t much we CAN do about what’s happenin on the pond scum
    To say that I am “DISAPPOINTED” would be the understatement of the Century!
    We hear the news every single day telling us about another Asian-American being BRUTALLY ATTACKED in our streets, Just Yesterday a man was charged with a vicious attack on a Korean store in the Charlotte Transportation Center, the black man walked into the store screaming threats then proceeded to knock down racks of food and beat in the windows, and kick in the refrigerator doors..
    The owners of the business are Korean and have been in business at the same location for 20 years

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announsed that he struck a deal Tuesday on a $2.1 billion fund that will provide assistance to jobless workers who were excluded from unemployment benefits during the pandemic, including undocumented immigrants, those who could prove their New York State residency for 60 days,, and earned less than $26,000, would qualify for a $15,000 check form the State!
    The same State that our Governor is complaining about going Bankrupt.

    The Democrats have made it CRYSTAL clear, that the election was 100 percent on the Up, and Up. And that NOTHING was Fixed, or Rigged! Yeah, Right!

    When millions of ballots miraculously appear if the numbers indicate their candidate is losing, and BINGO, they wound up Winning! . . . . AND when people such as Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters, and AL Green, and Adam Schiff keep getting re-elected.

    Look, lets face it Green is 73 years old,, Pelosi is 81, and Waters is 82. Feinstein is 90, and Schmucky Chucky Schumer is in his 70's, I think. Basement Dwelling Joe is 78, and Fauxcahontas is 72. What do we have here, a Political Party of a Nursing Home?

    Black Lives Matter has Vowed To Set Cities On Fire & That 'All *HELL” Will Break Lose' If Chauvin Is NOT Convicted - Extortion? You Bet that’s “Extortion”.. So Much For Justice Taking Its Course.So much for being Innocent until proven to be Guilty!
    They need to recruit some new, uncontaminated players and come up with a new mantra, because “Orangeman Bad, Groper Good” just ain’t doing it anymore.

    Our country has become one of those Shit-Holes that we were talking abour less than a year ago. .”

    Instead, we see our country being taken advantage of and our leadership says “we are living up to our values,” which apparently means being KIND to everyone. Kind to everyone especially our own children! His He Kidding? His own Child is a Crack-Head who screwed his own Sister in Law even before his Brother died, And then he Blackmailed China, and Russia, and used his Father (Gropen Joe) to buy influence, and rack up a Sweet-Heart Job that netted him Millions.

    And now that Donald Trump has been replace by Gropin Joe, People are ILLEGALLY coming over the border and it’s “Living up to our values” ad our Government is even giving hotel rooms to them! While our own National Guard who has been on that Dumb Duty at the Capital are Sleeping on the Concrete floors in the Garage,
    Even when there’s a pandemic during which our own countrymen must live by rules…When illegal don’t. The illegal children can go to school, ours can’t. The illegal children, thousands of them, will be staying here forever. Our kids will pay for that. IN SO MANY WAYS.
    Two days ago a Heartbreaking video was released by a US Border Patrol officer showing a frightened little 8 year old boy, tears streaming from his eyes and pleading for help, after being INTENTIONALLY deserted crossing the Rio Grande river in Texas

  12. MS-13 gang members are being caught. Maybe one caught among HOW many sneaking in? Only their leaders know. Latino coyotes and others are making literally MILLIONS as I write this from illegals screwing US.

    11 Iranians were recently caught. Think they are coming up through Mexico for a vacation at Disneyland? That’s 11 who they KNOW have crossed. 2 Yemenis were caught, both on our terror watch list.
    This week an 8 year old little boy was found DESERTED and wardering around in the Texas Desert to Die, by these Cartel Animals

    One border agent said 100,000 have come in without being stopped or reckoned with. Not that even those we’ve stopped have had anything done to them but having a red carpet thrown under their feet.

    People stupidly ask why Biden and Harris haven’t gone down. OF COURSE they won’t go…they don’t want attention thrown at the Border by even their liberal media! They don’t want questions! It’s just a ‘challenge,’ not a CRISIS
    I want our country back.

    By the way, nobody wants to see children like the little boy who was sobbing yesterday on videos that Conservative news showed all day…. It broke my heart to hear him crying that his folks weren’t with him, he’d traveled with strangers and they dumped him……I guess his folks knew we’d take him. This is AWFUL. For everyone!

    Please, Trump, come back and FIX THIS! WHAT CAN WE DO AT THIS POINT??