Friday, August 28, 2020

Kyle Rittenhouse

 In 1776 a few young men crossed colonial lines with long guns to protects others and fight tyrants.

I often wonder what will provoke the patriots among us (I include myself) to rally to the defense of a town, presumably my own, but even another town.
Myself, I'm out of vacation time.
It seems the rioters don't have that concern.

I am not the judge or jury. I do not know Kyle Rittenhouse's motivation, although it seems laudable.
I don't know his culpability as I don't have all the evidence.
And at this point, who does?

But so far, it looks like he's a good guy, not a rioting pedophile, wife-beater, agitator, arsonist, like the people he shot.

It's a shame that in perhaps doing the right thing, he may never reach his career goal of being a cop.

I have to say, I admire his ability to pull off the shots he did with a long gun, under the duress he was in.


  1. Like you, I don't have any facts. Actually, I'm not all that interested in rioting but I have to say that when rioters realize that the citizens won't put up with it ... that they've armed themselves, the terrorists go to other (less armed) places to terrorize. It's probably one of those "no brainers" that everyone talks about. As for this lad, he may have to answer a difficult question: why did you take a rifle to a riot? It speaks of premeditation. Hope he has a damn good lawyer.

    1. I'm thinking he couldn't own a pistol, thus the rifle.
      I'm curious as to how he got separated from the other defenders he was with.
      What happened initially? Was he, and how was he attacked?
      What were his attackers motives?
      That's the crux of his defense.
      Skateboard guy and medic/glock guy had it coming. Self defense it appears.
      It was not their job to detain him

  2. Exactly. If I can plagiarize my own words I penned yesterday: I applaud community members who protected their homes and businesses, and those of their neighbors, and will do so myself, were a rampaging mob to descend near my extremely rural location [highly unlikely however]. The rioters and arsonists who wantonly destroy that which is not theirs, in a rage fueled tantrum, deservedly lose all semblance of justified anger and alliance with others.

    And for the BLM “leader” who stated: “That is reparations. Anything they wanted to take, they can take it because these businesses have insurance”. The only reparation suitable for this person, is in a caliber of the business owners choosing.

    Destroy my property? Possibly forfeit your life. Period. Your call.

    1. It's shame that in many communities, that can mean legal jeopardy regardless of the rightness of the reaction.

    2. Generally [in most places] you merely have to state that you "were in fear for your life".

      It helps if the carcass is inside your door frame as well....just sayin'......

    3. I had an insurance agent tell me once to push the body back into the apartment hallway and close the door.
      As you say, quite the opposite.

  3. Interesting that for the most part all I see are white people. At least he didn't shoot someone Black... so of course we have to focus on the "right wing" aspect. It is all about creating a narrative that suits the Progressives.

    1. Imported white people at that.
      The complaint is that he came from across 20 minutes away.
      Gaige Grosskreutz came from Milwaukee, 40 minutes away.
      Anthony Huber was from Silver Lake, Wisconsin, 49 minute away.

  4. My first thought was-
    Don't bring a skateboard to a gunfight.
    (Sorry Ed.)

  5. Makes me think of Chuck Conner as the Rifleman... I loved that show.

  6. If that pack of hyenas had gotten their hands on Kyle, what would have been the outcome? I think that we know the answer to that question.

    And as you so well said, Ed:

    so far, it looks like he's a good guy, not a rioting pedophile, wife-beater, agitator, arsonist, like the people he shot. .

  7. Replies
    1. It my best Daffy Duck voice: That's Dithspcable!
      I wonder if he can be sued for defamation.