Friday, October 2, 2020

Another Court Has Ruled Lockdowns Unconstitutional


State Supreme Court strikes down Whitmer's emergency powers

Lansing — The Michigan Supreme Court ruled on Friday that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer did not have authority after April 30 to issue or renew any executive orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic under the 1976 Emergency Management Act.

The court, in its 71-page ruling, also found Whitmer did not possess the authority to exercise emergency powers under the 1945 Emergency Powers of the Governor Act because the act violates the Michigan Constitution.

I am having one of the co-founders of Stand Up Michigan on the show tomorrow to discuss the petition they just submitted today that would have enabled the legislature to enact a law retraining her without the need for her signature.
That appears to be a moot point now.
The petition would have removed the 1945 Emergency Powers Governor Act which the Michigan Supreme Court struck down.

There is a fear that the legislature will now actually start working with her and enable her to continue to place restrictions on the population.

UPDATE: Michigan is free!  On Your American Heritage this week.
A discussion of the Stand Up Michigan group with co-founder Ron Armstrong and reaction to the Michigan Supreme Court Ruling that Governess Gretchen Whitmer has been acting unconstitutionally in locking down the state.
Stand Up Michigan and Stand Up Churches continues to stand against government overreach.
Then David Kallman of Great Lakes Justice Center joins me with a visit from Rick Deitering to discuss the legal ramifications of that court ruling.


In other news:

I was listening to the radio this morning (The Steve Gruber Show) and a guest was talking about how the rioting was abating, perhaps because of the colder weather.
Then something occurred to me and I called into the show to say:


  1. Perhaps slowing down to get fueled up for the election and the Supreme nomination.

  2. Gretchen (who names their kid that) will find a way to keep things messed up.

  3. Of course they're unconstitutional! I'm just glad the court recognized that fact. This is excellent news! Now they outta lock that horrid woman up and throw away the key.


    And what a helpful closing infographic.

    1. I just left a restaurant downtown Ypsi, a leftie haven, and on the crosswalk sign was a poster; "It isn't looting to take back what they stole from us."

    2. That’s because the dogma of the Church of the Perpetual Victim requires its adherents to claim theft of what they never owned.

  5. Great news! Does this mean the governor's husband doesn't have to sneak their boat on the lake up north?

  6. It's good news –– something that's been in very short supply fr long time.

    As long as we continue to tolerate the presenc of leftists in our society bad news will continue to dominate the scene.

    Why are things as bad as they are? Because ALL the major universities are dominated by crypto-communists, virtually ALL the organs of mass communication are owned and operated by a weird coalition of Crypto-Marxists and Corporate Control Freaks (would-be tyrants!). And then there's the LAW, which was taken over long ago by aggressive leftist termites.

    How could we let this happen? Becase we've been hornswoggled into thinking we have a "duty" to fall down and WORSHIP formerly-persecuted minorities.

  7. LOL, good for MI, and they're 'cautious' now because people have been shot!

  8. Donald Trump says he's 'starting to feel good' but the 'next few days will be the test' in new video

    ps. could you please add CC to your blogroll?

  9. In our system of checks and balances, which is a good thing, the role of the courts in matters of governance, is to step in, always after the fact, to correct the glaringly poor judgment of voters. Voters should never have elected Whitmer in the first place. Thoughtful voting is how we avoid future pain. One of these days, oh ... maybe within the next two or three hundred years, voters will wake up to this reality, remove their heads from their asses, and vote responsibly. Responsible voting is the only way to guard against the effects of affirmative action initiatives, which gives us (now in record numbers) incompetent doctors, lawyers, teachers, police officers, paramedics, legislators, state officials, governors, and (cough) voters who think life in America isn’t fair..

    1. I was only trying to give you some hope ...

    2. The understanding of what IS responsible voting,, KInda depends on what one considers right and wrong. The Gretch was elected by people who have their Right and Wrong confused,, Good and Evil switched places.. In their minds they were repairing the ignorance and stupidy of the voters of the past, and they were gonna put someone in who could right the wrongs of the past. I watched them Fix the education system,, and I watched them admit that the changes they made actually made things worse,, and their answer was always the same, We MUst make more changes.. NEVER once was it "We will undo the changes that caused scores to drop".. Sixth grade, I realized it was intentional,, and now, Schools are indoctrination centers, and look whats roamin the streets, demanding some kinda Justice,,
      WhoooWee! Thank Gooniss for a judge to tell someone what they are doing is unconstitutional,,
      How there was ever a question about that escapes me,,
      Every edict and every piece of legislation needs a place in the header that states where in the constitution authority for the action exists..

    3. @ Justin ... an EXCELLENT suggestion.

    4. That is indeed a good idea of Justin’s; I would add to that, a requirement for each vote on legislation to come with a statement of record by each Congress person, of how said legislation would maintain or advance the Liberty of the Citizen.

    5. That's some radical thinking there.
      Often, a politician is criticized, "Twenty years in congress and never wrote one piece of legislation. "
      Like that's a bad thing.