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It's a Wonderful Life?

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Grab a beverage of your choice, mine is coffefve, beverage of real presidents, and let’s get started.

First off, let’s properly deal with 2020.  (Toilet Flushing Audio 1.mp3)

Well, you know, sometimes it’s so bad, once is not enough (Toilet Flushing Audio 2.mp3)

Good things about 2020: We got Amy Coney Barrett, gained seats in the House and more state governments and eradicated the flu.

I have two New Years Resolutions I’d like to share.
        A. Just say NO:  No to masks. To lockdowns. To Biden
        B. “they won’t take me alive.”

Let’s review the mandate of the show:
        A. Examine current events in the light of our Biblical and American Heritage.
        B. And what do we do in response?

Our American Heritage is often reflected in our cinema, particularly those movies prior to, say, 1970.
One of those is It’s a Wonderful Life. We respond to it because it reflects our values.
Like many of you, I just recently watched it, with a new appreciation.
A couple days ago, I read Letsfixstuff.orgBedford Falls or Pottersville? YourChoice
Also, last Wednesday, the very astute author of that piece talked about it when he hosted the Bob Dutko Show.
I had already commented on his article before I heard him do so on that show, but I had already asked him to come on this show to talk about it. And he graciously agreed to.
Please welcome Patrick Colbeck, former State Senator, author, rocket scientist, political agitator, talk show host, star witness, guest on the Lou Dobbs show, and most importantly, friend of the show. Hi Pat.

George Bailey was not a saint. He had an ugly side to him, when he tore into Uncle Billy or the teacher. He could be selfish, but he generally overcame it.
The scene at the train station where the close up shows his hopes dashed, but then his face changes as he determines to support his brother’s dreams.
The salient point of the movie is that it literally opens with a community praying.
And their, and George’s, prayers are answered in a most unexpected manner. And ends in thankfulness for the answer to this prayer.

Potter was an Oligarch, Bailey a small businessman.

America is at a similar desperate crossroad.
Will we pray? Will you vote in the election God prefers? Will you demonstrate your care to Him?

Georgia Prayer March: A Date With Destiny

On Jan 6th, the joint session of Congress, presided by Mike Pence, will vote on accepting the electoral votes. Pence will count the votes. Will he use a dominion machine? Will it generate more votes than electors?
This process is generated by Article 12, but regulated by law, a law many consider unconstitutional.
Louis Gohmert sued to find this law unconstitutional, but the DOJ, and most importantly, Pence, sought to have the judge deny the petition. And a judge agreed to dismiss the suit. It seems Pence will not reject the electoral votes unilaterally.  Sad. Cowardly?
However, the Constitution, as many of you know, allows for a challenge by a rep and a senator, of which we have one each, minimum.
In 2005, Barbara Boxer tried a challenge. The house voted by individual representatives, not state legislations. The House voted 267 to 31 against the challenge. In the Senate, where the vote was 74 to 1, Mrs. Boxer stood alone. So the count is by Rep, not state delegation..

For Trump to win, every Republican senator and representative would have to vote to support him, and a few Dem reps would have to
       A. Support him
       B. Abstain
       C. Be absent, presumably due to illness (I’d expect Covid).
So, pray we must.
To have faith in the system would be folly. Think Romney would support? Thune? Others?

To have faith in God would be wisdom. He can move on our behalf. If you think not, consider my son’s friend Stacy, sent home to die with multiple stage 4 cancer a couple months ago. We prayed. She’s on vacation now, in remission, enjoying the new life God has given her.
But God doesn't always answer our prayer the way we hope, but the way he wants.


I recently visited Florida, and while Scherie and I were driving there for Christmas, there were numerous places we stopped where we would (get this!) go inside, sit down, and a complete stranger would walk up and ask us what we wanted to eat! And then brought it to us!
Returning from Florida, we stopped at a coffee shop in Ohio and I walked in and was ordering when the manager tried to hand me a mask.
I said, "You're wearing a mask and we are separated by a sheet of plexiglass. You should be OK".
She kept holding out the mask, and I asked, "You want to sell me a coffee or not?".
She said something else and I said "I don't hold your superstitious belief that a flimsy piece of paper on my mouth will prevent either of us from contracting a virus. You don't want to sell me the coffee?".
She sold me the coffee and we were friendly after that.

We must resist.
We have limited opportunity to express our opposition on a daily basis.
One is to not conform to the best of our abilities.
The virus is real. The use of the virus is an oppression of our liberty and freedoms and most importantly, our rights.
Are you told not to congregate? Congregate!
Are you told to wear a mask which has no proven efficacy? Take it off!
Be willing to be seen not bowing to the oppression.
This will encourage others or bring you scorn or both.
If you let the scorn of others dictate to you, you are not exactly Valley Forge material.

Dine-In Flash Mobs
Perhaps we can organize these.

Some restaurants are open in Michigan. Huron Valley Guns and others are resisting. In the next hour, Moment of Clarity will be remote broadcasting from Huron Valley Guns. Join us.


  1. I hope the residents of Michigan continue to resist. It's all our liberties that are at stake. Prayers for us all. And pray for us here in Georgia. We're being overrun by the Left wing scum. Thanks.

  2. Good one, and glad to hear that some folks are standing up to them!

    1. When it get's to "last resorts", how will it play out?