Monday, February 15, 2021


 They have stolen the ballot box.

They are removing the soap box.

Now they are announcing their intention to go after the ammo box.

Go ahead.

Poke the bear.


  1. They are scared to death.
    They've "painted themselves into a corner" and they don't know how to escape without getting paint on their feet.
    And the result will be worse than a little paint on soles.

    1. That explains the fence and the National Guard.

    2. After vetting the National Guard of white racists, they’ve got all the guns, most of the ammo, and nothing whatever to fear from the people down the road who have their bibles, shotguns, and rhetoric.

    3. I read this at LL's
      "talked to an officer coming off the dc fiasco. he had to disobey no less than 4 illegal orders, in writing, including arming the dc guard with machine guns. under aid to civilian authority that is highly unlawful itself. they then sent dod personnel to his state and took ALL ammo, leaving that state guard defenseless. he went home n picked up enough ammo to issue his troops. he could support the brigade if needed…he also had to threaten dc police at gunpoint to stop them arresting some of his troops on Pelosi’s orders. they failed the purge test. Patrick henry moments are beginning to come more often. they are terrified of us, they should be."

  2. Hey, they've done poked the bear. Most of us are just waiting for the signal and that empty suit with it's minions will be removed.
    Y'all stay safe and warm.