Saturday, May 1, 2021

"It Can't Happen Here"

Frank Zappa said it can't happen here.
He had his tongue firmly in his cheek when he said it.

If it can happen across our northern border, it can happen here.

It is happening here.

The canary in the mine is in Calgary Alberta.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski is standing up to the tyranny.

If you do not believe that he is facing tyranny, you are part of the problem.

Open your eyes. See what is going on.

Listen to the description by the man going through it:

or the full interview:

News article:

There appears to be some hope:


  1. These are very dark times. I'm glad we haven't disarmed ourselves here in the South. Best to stay lock and loaded. And pray A LOT. God is still in control.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting my friend.
      I trust you liked the interview with the pastor.
      I think he was phenomenal.

  2. All governments demand compliance. The question then becomes, “To what extent?” I know very little about Canadian law. I do know that the topic of public health is one justification (among many) used for exerting excessive control over national populations. And, of course, in secular societies, few exceptions exist toward the exercise of religion. The issue is extremely complex, because (for example) if, in a secular society, allowing prayer in schools opens the door to prayer in schools for all religions. Personally, I would rather not see Islamacists having their own foot-bathing facilities in public schools, or a minaret constructed so that little Muzzie children can pray to Allah three times during the school day.

    Let me also say that this business we see painted on the side of police cars is utter crap. “To Protect and Serve” whom? The police are paid by the government to enforce government laws, rules, and regulations, and if they protect and serve anyone, it is the government. Here in the US, we have this thing called “oath keepers.” I doubt there is anything like that in Canada or any of the other British commonwealth nations, but it too is false. A police officer will ignore his “oath” to the Constitution in a heartbeat, always giving preference to state laws and the dictates of his watch commander.

    I don’t know where this leaves us now; the lesson of David Koresh and the WACO commune speaks volumes about where religion is in the USA. FBI snipers will shoot you down no matter what collar you wear. People need to know that, and they need to think about such things before they participate in the democratic process of voting. Well, we apparently don’t do that, either ... which returns us to the complexities of modern society.

    To all those protestants who in the past persecuted Catholics, to all the Christians who in the past discriminated against non-Christian belief systems ... the tide had turned. I seriously doubt that Jesus of Nazareth was thinking about any of this 2,000 years ago. How do we now comply with “Give unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar ... Give unto God that which is God’s.” Whoever decides to get into lethal gun battles with heavily armed/military equipped city police, they’ll lose every single time. So, what is the answer? Are any of us prepared to lay down our lives over an issue of face masks? And, if we do, will that in anyway inspire a new “great awakening” among a population that, for the most part, regards religion as deeply personal and private?

    We can bemoan the “situation” that we perceive exists, but moaning doesn’t resolve any issues ... and neither will gun battles with law enforcement personnel. How should we resolve these issues of freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, right of association? What would Jesus tell us we ought to do?

    1. Well, as Pastor Artur points out, there is the Martin Luther King Jr. approach.
      I like his references to Rom 13 and Hosea 8.
      You can't serve two masters.
      If One says "feed the poor" or "neglect not the assembly of yourselves together" and the other says don't, a choice must be made.
      As Artur pointed out, when Solidarnosc went active and the people had enough, the regime fell.
      And Poland is an example to the U.S.

      And Jesus said to sell your cloak and buy a sword.
      I'm still trying to figure that one out, but I bought more than one "sword".

  3. Although Biden has said "no Amendment is absolute" (then openly in reference to the Second Amendment, but I think secretly his opinion on all of our 10 protections from government overreach), at least Biden feigns an allegiance to religion.

    Cuomo, De Blasio, and Newsom would dance a flamenco on our religious rights if they had a chance. Thank God the founding fathers had foresight to give us the Bill of Rights.

  4. By the way, that final where my son was limited to 1.5 hours to take a 2-hour test, he dropped from a B to a C.

    On one hand, he does not have to take the course again. Additionally, he could have dropped further (and, considering that the grade of the final was hidden, may have dropped further). However to drop from a B to a C was discouraging for him.

  5. The entire Constitution and Bill of Rights is under attack by the left right now... sigh

  6. I recently read that Pastor Pawlowski was arrested on a freeway en route to his church.

    1. Yes Mark 1. We must bear him in prayer.
      I hope to text him tomorrow.