Friday, August 27, 2021

Traitor or Patriot?

Traitor or Patriot Quiz

·         Open the national border to unchecked masses promising them aid and succor
including those who oppose the Constitution.  Traitor or Patriot?

·         Abandon citizens in a foreign country who were under the assumption that they had the protection of the federal government. Traitor or Patriot?

·         Reveal to an enemy the names of persons allied with the United States exposing them to retribution and murder. Traitor or Patriot?

·         Transfer wealth and advanced weaponry to avowed enemies of the United States. Traitor or Patriot?

·         Outsource the protection of American citizens to an organization that is a declared enemy, resulting in their death. Traitor or Patriot?

·         Encourage corporations and government agencies to demand that those in their employ or under their authority receive an injection of a substance that has demonstrably injured many who have received it. Traitor or Patriot?

·         Restrict the production of energy nationally placing the country in the grip of foreign producers. Traitor or Patriot?

·         Remove restraints and sanctions on a nation whose national motto is “Death to America!”, allowing them to proceed with developing nuclear weapons. Traitor or Patriot?

·         Removing focus from the defense of America and its national interest and placing it on the protection and promotion of moral degenerates. Traitor or Patriot?

·         Promoting and enacting policies that destroy or harm the legal businesses of citizens while protecting the interests of multinational corporations. Traitor or Patriot?

·         Release from custody/jail/prison murderers and rapists who then go on to murder and oppress American Citizens, both home and abroad. In local communities or foreign countries. Traitor or Patriot?


  1. Well done Ed, any ONE of these would be enough to impeach.

  2. These acts require much more than mere impeachment.

  3. I'm now feeling despair, but-
    The old saw, "When the goin' gets tough, the tough get goin'" comes to mind.
    It may be futile, but I'm goin' down swingin'.

  4. Thanks, Ed.

    I am going to steal this with citations to you.

  5. Traitor, traitor, TRAITOR!!!! Let's do something about it!?
    At least God sees all. No of them will escape Judgment Day. I hope they get saved and repent of their crimes first, but if they don't ...

    1. Pelosi recessed Congress so nothing could be filed?

  6. The evil and unfathomable stupidity that's been going on since election day 2020 needs to stop.

    It's clear. This government that installed itself cares nothing for ANY of us. Only themselves.


    Signed: Nervous & Nauseous Momma Fred

    1. I want them removed from office. I pray God will do it so we don't have to.

  7. Is there really ANY question???

  8. Your stolen quiz is at:

  9. Has America become it’s own Worst Enemy? I truly think that it has, our citizens dying of drinking themselves to death, or the spike in Teenagers dying from Overdoses, and Suicide is astronomical. Overdose Deaths have increased in almost every State during 2020.
    Life iin America is getting shorter and worse, our citizens are feeling that theydon’t have much of a future..
    WE see fights, and atrocities in our Cities streets with cruel acts, typically one involving physical violence resulting in injuries and deaths. Blacks against Whites, and Whits against Blacks, and Gangs against Asians, and Jews .Democrats, against Republicans, and Visa Versa, Black Lives Matter, against the Police, and the Progressives wanting to DE-FUND the Police. And our Mayors, and Governors seem to be closing their eyes to it all. It makes you think that NO-BODY GIVES A DAMB ANYMORE!
    And how about these Progressives who closing up our Businesses? Shutting them DOWN because of a “Chinese Flu”, because a lying so called Professional Bull=- Crap Artist Doctor claims that he knows what he’s talking about!
    And how about a Senile Progressive President who is Censoring our Free Speech. And banning things from Children’s Books to Pancakes Syrup!

    And we see our President, and HIS Vice President saying that Racism led to the Murder of George Floyd.
    Personally, I am SO SICK of these Clowns blaming all the Faults of Racism... Espically Joe Biden, who thinks that he is such an angle and that he can Blame everyone else on things that He himself is guilty of.
    Wasn’t it Biden’s Boss who sat in a RACIST Church for 20 years and claimed that he didn’t even know it?
    To me the Country is NOT systemically racist. It is easy to trash America, but if you don’t like it here, live some where else and see how you like it.!
    It’s the Democratic-Socialists that are causing the Racial Violence with their relentless racist demagoguery, and their UN-WARRANTED Blame.
    The Progressives have no shame because they have no conscience. It was Biden who claimed that he wanted to “United The Country” and then did everything in his power to Divide us.
    And how about Kamala Harris' comment about “Rural America”? Criticizing the people living in Rural communities, saying that they CAN/T make photocopies of their IDs. Suggesting that they Don’t know how, or that they are too stupid. Kamala speaks from Ignorance. Is anyone surprised?

    And how about Tomorrow being the “Deadline” in Afghanistan. President Joe Biden said that he will not be extending the August 31st Deadline for exiting Americans and Afghanistan even though all Americans and an abundance of our nation's Afghan allies Will Not Have Been Evacuated out of Afghanistan by that Deadline.
    What Delusional Biden is doing is turning his back on all these Afghans who put their life on the line to help us try to drive out the Taliban and permanently keep them from controlling the country.
    What we have here is Biden choosing his reputation and the political power of the Democrat Party over the lives of Thousand if not tens of Thousands of Afghans that helped America for the past 20 years.. One has to wonder if his Crackhead Son was one of those people?

    America, once the most trusting Nation in the entire world.. But I’m sorry to have to admit that we have been in a rapid decline since we Forgot about September the 11th 2001. The Schools have stopped teaching about it, and the people have stopped thinking about it.... Who’s to blame? My pick is Barrack Obama, the President that wanted to change the name of the Attack to “A day of “Service” Now what the Hell does that mean?
    But maybe people have also lost belief in themselves, and the ideals of their country?

  10. Ed,

    Not only you, but I also overlooked that.