Saturday, October 2, 2021

Broadcast News

  Ignore at your peril.

Oddly, I published my last broadcast last week and this week (a week later, in case you were wondering) it looked like I published today's broadcast last week, which would be interesting were it not so confusing.

I gather the link last week was a "current" link and it updated with today's upload to the podcast service.

I assume that will happen next Saturday as well. But I think I fixed it. Time will tell. It usually does.

I know, you don't care, you probably don't listen either, but that's your loss. I did my part. 

I covered the show after mine, too.


  1. Appreciate your labors sir !

  2. I did listen yesterday driving home from work. What I heard (about 25 mins. worth) was centered on Michigan politics.

    But, I do listen when I have time!

    ...People are finally beginnig to wake up I think, Ed. I can hear them chanting, louder and louder.

    As a coservative mom and grandma though I wish they'd be just a little more polite with the phrasing.

    But the sentiment is SPOT ON. They could also add several names to that list in my opinion.


    1. Freddie, thanks!
      The show I linked today is very different from last week's, which was Mich politic centered for the portion you heard.

  3. Nice to hear a update from Pastor Art. Loved that opening prayer!

  4. His message is right. We need to humble ourselves and submit to God.

  5. Canada does not deserve him (not that America does, either)!

  6. Trump maybe a lot of things but you can bet your last dollar that he is NOT a socialist, Communist, Muslim loving traitor who follows Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals . I’ll leave that to Hillary and the other Progressive Socialist Democrats like our Senile Delusional Illegal Tough Guy President, who is so eager to “Take you Behind the Barn and Beat the Crap out of you” .He’s more likely to sit on the edge of the swimming Pool and let the Kids play with the Hair on His Legs.
    As for Hillary Clinton! I would NOT trust Hillary Clinton to govern our nation any more than I’d trust Barack Obama, or even that Dumb Ass Joseph Biden
    But right now, I’m for Donald Trump. Yes, he may have a temper problem, but I know that he Loves this country, and only wants whats good for it. .
    Now you can Carry On with your rants about Free Lunches, Free Breakfasts, and turning this country into the Land of "Entitlements" Slavery, The Culture War, Racism, and more of Michelle Obama’s ridiculous bullshit, like her excuse’s for people being be Jobless!
    As if the Socialist Teachers weren’t Obnoxious enough with their contentious exchanges between officials and parents who oppose controversial policies like mask mandates, or teaching critical race theory and more.
    In some cases, parents have been kicked out of meetings for refusing to wear masks, leading to allegations that school boards were trying to silence dissent. In one specific instance, an entire school board was forced to resign after hot mic comments showed board members mocking concerned parents. "

    The socialists are going for total control of the school systems, from grade school thru high school, since they already control the college level.

    I would never have thought that I would see the FBI trying to intimidate parents from free speech here in the USA. Now Biden’s DOJ has issied a memo to the FBI to Kick out any Moms, or Dads that push back to protect their kids from being indoctrinated to the socialist agenda of these Marxist teachers.
    .This is the goal of Biden’s totalitarian state.

    If we do not STOP this bullshit from the liberals, we will soon have NO freedoms whatsoever. No constitution, no Free Speech, No Freedom of Religion, No Rights, and No Choice.
    Parents can't express themselves at SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS because the Marxists do not want their indoctrination to be messed with.