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Your American Heritage March 12 2022

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That was Madison Rising playing their take on God Bless America written by Irving Berlin.

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It’s Day 416  of the coup, the theft of the American Government, by enemies both foreign and domestic.

Let’s pray, Let’s go to war.

Father, thank you for the gift of this country that you have placed us in.

Help us to protect and preserve this gift that you have given us.

Please lead us and guide us today and in the days to come,

Please restore the political prisoners in DC to their freedom.

Please continue to awaken the American People from their slumber, those that are not aware of the danger.

Please help us retake the government from the traitors and criminals that have stolen it.

Please move mightily and either bring these oppressors to a place of repentance or imprisonment.

I ask that if they will not repent, that you destroy them. That you will protect us. Amen.

“Pastors should not talk about politics from the pulpit.”

Why not? Is it because Christianity or “religion” is above or transcends politics?
Is it the Johnson amendment that was written by an immoral racist jackass democrat who went on to become president? One that limits free speech from the pulpit because of a tax exemption?
BTW, do you know why churches are tax exempt?
Because it was always said that the power to tax is the power to destroy.

And the church, as an example of religious freedom, was to be protected from those who would destroy her. Particularly by writing specific tax law that would destroy it.

Well, the Johnson amendment stifles but not quite destroys the churches influence by writing tax code that affects it.

All the Johnson amendment does is supposedly keep pastors from endorsing candidates from their pulpits. Yet we see many an example of democrat politicians speaking from liberal churches.


“Why have 501(c)(3) organizations united to keep the protections of the Johnson Amendment?”

“This provision protects 501(c)(3) organizations from the rancor of partisan politics and being harassed by politicians and their operatives seeking endorsements; endorsing specific candidates could split congregations and divide boards and members of nonprofit organizations”

Now I say all this because I have attended a few churches where the pastor doesn’t want to do politics from the pulpit. This doesn’t stop all these rainbow-flagged gay LGBQT certified churches from advancing a political agenda from the pulpit.

So, why wouldn’t a pastor want to advocate certain policy (that’s where the word “politics” comes from) from the pulpit? Why wouldn’t he bring to your attention an ungodly proposal before the council, legislature, congress, etc? Is it to not alienate members of his congregation and not drive them away in the hopes of retaining influence in their lives towards salvation?

Well, that kind of leaves the rest of the culture to the loons, doesn’t it?

 I was watching this movie last night. Cromwell. It stars Richard Harris, Alec Guinness, Timothy Dalton, etc, and I expected it to mock Oliver Cromwell, but instead it makes him look rather good, so far.

I was absolutely struck by the similarities between the situation England and Cromwell found themselves in as portrayed by the movie.
Cromwell found himself a patriot, a man who supported the right of the people to self-govern via parliament. He starts out dismissing friends from his house who would rise up against the King, though.

That would be treason and lead to civil war. The King, Charles, was weak and manipulated by those around him, changing opinions based on who the last person talking to him was. The worst was his wife Jill. I mean Henrietta Maria. She is of a different religious persuasion than most of England and seeks to turn power and the culture towards her church.

 In one of the earlier scenes, a man is protesting the loss of his access to public property, grazing land.

The rights were given to a friend of the king. The man is taken away by soldiers not to be seen again until later he enters church where Cromwell sits. He has been tortured and beaten for speaking up for his rights. Couldn’t happen here, could it?  

Tell that to the incarcerated Jan 6th protestors. Do you have any idea of the percentage of Christians who were at the capitol protests that day? And who are currently locked up for over a year on phony charges? And the Inquisition goes on?

Who will speak for them? Is this the righteous act of a government?

It’s time for some pastors to take sides and speak up against the sinful activity of government.
is there an LGBQT poster in City Hall? Demand it be taken down!

 Is there a law or worse an administration edict, that promotes abortion, or sexual sin, or heroin use or just about anything they espouse in San Francisco that needs speaking out against?

What does another argument about how baptism is to be administered do to combat that rot in the culture? Salvation is pre-eminent. A good religious people is imperative to the health of this nation.

But the people must be motivated. They must be encouraged to vote, to rise up in righteous anger and say “No more!”. Historically, this was done In The Church.
The Black-Robed Brigade was the regiment that the British government feared in the colonies.
They motivated the congregations and made them aware of their rights and responsibilities given to them by God.
I know that we have in those listening, people whose pastors do just that.

And I know that there are others who don’t.

We have Christian based organizations like The Thomas Moore Society and Salt and Light Global and The Great Lakes Justice Center and others that will stand up to the debased, but how often do you hear them promoted from within the churches? Your church?

 There is a battle in this world. It is a spiritual battle. But it is being played out in courtrooms and legislatures and many Christian Conservatives are not being motivated from the pulpits.

They are being motivated by talk radio.

Does that sound right?

 My guest today is David Kallman of Kallmna Legal Group, Sal and Light Global (a global initiative you can get behind!) and the Great Lake Justice Center.

Hi Dave!

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  1. We're fortunate that our Pastor is on the front lines with this. We are all praying 'cause the war started a long time ago. Thankfully, God wins. He already has. xx