Saturday, May 28, 2022

This Is Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day weekend. 
Don’t thank me for my service. 
I did not die in the defense of this nation. Yet.
I knew a guy that did. 
We remember those that gave all so that we may carry on the fight.

Not that we might coast on their sacrifice. 
That we would pick up the torch and continue fighting the forces that would subject us to their power.
This is Memorial Day

It is incumbent on us to honor their sacrifice by picking up the flag and manning the line against the threats to the Republic, both foreign and, most notably, domestic.


  1. Everyone who puts on the uniform deserves thanks. You may never fight, die, or face other mortal danger. Just the fact that YOU exist, trained and organized with a cohort, to defend the Republic, is a deterrent to lots of mischief, looting and pillage. Just think if we DIDN'T do that. We have to look no farther than our southern border now. The fact is that trained men in uniform give pause to others who want to come and take our stuff and subjugate our people.

    The job of ALL of us, civilians et al, is to mirror that force internally, to give pause to those within our Republic who want to take our stuff and destroy the Republic.

    1. This post was the close of my show today.
      It was a last minute addition.
      I appreciate that you understand the sentiment.
      It's all our job to pick up the fallen banner.
      To man the gun turret that fell silent.
      To carry on the fight to the tyrants.


  2. It is our time now to pick up the flag and march forward. There can never be enough thanks to all who have served, and especially those who served and gave it all.

  3. May they rest in peace. Hand Salute. Ready, Two!

  4. Thanks, Ed, for the salute to the defenders of our freedom.