Sunday, September 9, 2012

2016: Obama's America

A review of the movie by one of D'Souza's friends.

This movie is a blockbuster.
Am I the only one who's seen it?
I don't see much in the blogosphere (I frequent) talk about it.
A liberal on FB linked this review to me, and I pretty much agree with it and told him so.
If you've seen it, what so you think.
If not, why not?


  1. I went to see it with Rita and we talked about doing a He Said She Said blog on it, Mine is done still waiting on Rita to finish her's. I am glad I saw it, we just kind of sat there after it was over and both were in a very somber mood. I think it is an important film and I hope a lot of undecideds see it, I dont think they will be undecided anymore.

  2. I saw it at the end of last month. I noticed some flaws that I don't recall now. Still I agree with CnC that the undecideds may be affected against Bummer. But it's not a certainty given how much spin is present in the media.

    The most positive affect for me was that seeing Bummer's half brother kills the talk that Frank Marshall Davis was Barack's semen provider. That is a distraction about the most glaring issue. Bummer's Marxist roots and drives.

  3. Yeah,Pasc. I thought that aboout his progenitor also.