Saturday, October 17, 2020

A Conversation with Neil Mammen

 Today, I had a conversation with Neil Mammen about his book Jesus Is Involved in Politics.

We talked about his new organization Every Black Life Matters as an effective counter to BLM®.

We also talked about lockdowns in churches (including his) and their response.
I highly recommend you listen to Neil. Check out his amazing bio at the end of this post.

Neil continued to Moment of Clarity where my co-host Pastor Rick continued the conversation.

Another resource from Neil is The Values Advocacy Council with a streaming event tonight featuring Charlie Kirk. There are also youtube videos there of past presentations you will find of interest.

I also mentioned “Non-Essential”, a free streamcast Sunday with Charlie Kirk, Dinesh D’Souza, Kirk Cameron, Cissie Graham Lynch, Pastor Rob McCoy, Pastor Jack Hibbs, David Harris Jr., and Dr. Dan Erickson as they examine the reality of our nation’s current circumstances and share the one and only solution that quickly and simply solves the problems facing America.

About Neil Mammen:

Neil was born in Ghana and grew up in Sudan and Yemen. He came to the U.S. for college and at 20 earned his BSEE in Computer and Electrical Engineering; at 22 he earned his MSEE in Solid State Physics and Computer Engineering. Neil has co-founded four startup companies in Silicon Valley. He has about 20 issued and pending patents in areas varying from Networking, Traffic Shaping, and Packet Processing to LED Local Dimming TV methodologies.

He is an ordained evangelical pastor, and the author of multiple books including Jesus Is Involved In Politics! Why Aren’t You? Why Isn’t Your Church? and Who is Agent X? on how to prove God exists without using the Bible. And 40 Days Towards A More Godly Nation.
Neil is the founder of, an apologetics, theology and evangelization ministry. Apologetics is the investigation and defense of the truth of Christianity using facts, reason, science, history, archaeology, and philosophy. Neil is a speaker at conferences around the U.S. He has been featured on: NPR debating Eric Rothschild of the ACLU and Eugenie Scott; and on over 40 radios and TV shows including the Eric Metaxas, show, the Bob Dutko Show, the Lars Larson Show, American Family Radio and on KKLA with Frank Pastore. He is on the board of the Values Advocacy Council and has spoken for the Family Research Council as well as Summit Ministries.

He can add “Has been featured on Your American Heritage” to his resume.

Monday, October 12, 2020

How Would Jesus Vote?

 I just got off the phone with the author of this book:

Jesus Is Involved In Politics!

I'll be interviewing Neil Mammen Saturday.
I thought we'd just be discussing the book, but we'll be talking about the Church in persecution in the United States.
Charlie Kirk will be speaking at his California church Saturday.
Neil's church is facing heavy fines (millions) for remaining open.
I opened a real can of worms talking to him and am looking forward to talking to him more on air and with some of the others that are joined in the defense of our religious liberties he is putting me in touch with.

And if you don't go to church but you are a moral person?
If they take your religious liberties, they'll dictate your moral sensibilities, too.

I left the church I served in for 25 yrs because the pastor was too timid to stand up to the governess.
Even after her anti-church policy had been de-fanged.
I found a church that was/is willing to stand for Liberty.

God wants a people that are Bold and Courageous.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Friday, October 2, 2020

Another Court Has Ruled Lockdowns Unconstitutional


State Supreme Court strikes down Whitmer's emergency powers

Lansing — The Michigan Supreme Court ruled on Friday that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer did not have authority after April 30 to issue or renew any executive orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic under the 1976 Emergency Management Act.

The court, in its 71-page ruling, also found Whitmer did not possess the authority to exercise emergency powers under the 1945 Emergency Powers of the Governor Act because the act violates the Michigan Constitution.

I am having one of the co-founders of Stand Up Michigan on the show tomorrow to discuss the petition they just submitted today that would have enabled the legislature to enact a law retraining her without the need for her signature.
That appears to be a moot point now.
The petition would have removed the 1945 Emergency Powers Governor Act which the Michigan Supreme Court struck down.

There is a fear that the legislature will now actually start working with her and enable her to continue to place restrictions on the population.

UPDATE: Michigan is free!  On Your American Heritage this week.
A discussion of the Stand Up Michigan group with co-founder Ron Armstrong and reaction to the Michigan Supreme Court Ruling that Governess Gretchen Whitmer has been acting unconstitutionally in locking down the state.
Stand Up Michigan and Stand Up Churches continues to stand against government overreach.
Then David Kallman of Great Lakes Justice Center joins me with a visit from Rick Deitering to discuss the legal ramifications of that court ruling.


In other news:

I was listening to the radio this morning (The Steve Gruber Show) and a guest was talking about how the rioting was abating, perhaps because of the colder weather.
Then something occurred to me and I called into the show to say:

Thursday, September 24, 2020

What Is The Proper Response To Tyranny?

 What is the proper response to watching a woman get tazed by a "school resource officer" for not wearing a mask outdoors?

We all know cops can ignore minor infractions at their discretion.

But this guy decided to taze her. Because of a stupid mask law.

Outside. And then he's not wearing one.

I know the visceral reaction I have to watching it.

And then to arrest worshipers outdoors?

If they had been rioting, they'd have been ignored.

Is it proper to rescue a citizen from abuse?

Monday, September 21, 2020

What Would Jesus Do?

 "Wear your mask, it's the law."

No, it isn't. It's an illegal overreach by a governor or mayor not yet checked by a judge such as happened in Pennsylvania. 

Federal Judge Rules Pennsylvania Lockdown and Business Closure Orders Violate U.S. Constitution

There was a law in Jerusalem that allowed transactions in the Temple for the financial benefit of the rulers of Jerusalem that mocked the intent of the True Source of the Law.

If you wanted to transact in the Temple (marketplace) you had to follow the rules.

Unless you were Jesus. If you were Jesus and you knew the true Source of the Law, you made a whip out of what you had handy and you attacked the oppressors. You turned over the tables and you sent the cash registers flying. You did not go along quietly.

Similarly, there is a true origin of authority in this state (Michigan) and it originates with the people and it is vested in the state legislature. And it is being ignored by the governor and mayors so that they and theirs may profit.

How do they profit? They hope to impose their power on the people more securely in a socialist state.
All socialist movements first remove the Bourgeoise, the Middle Class.
As long as there is a middle class, there is an aspiration to remove yourself from poverty by utilizing the marketplace economy. 

If you remove that path, you then encourage the masses to improve their lot by throwing in with the revolution.

As the big corporate stores were/are kept open and the small middle class shops were/are closed, the middles class disappears. The owners lose their livelihood, go broke.

Jesus saw the unjust oppression of the masses by the rulers, the obscene markups on the Temple Gold.
The cornering of the market that they used to ensure their power and profit. 

He did not abide with it. He resisted. He overturned the tables. He did not follow the phony laws and was accused for it ("Why don't your men wash their hands? " Matthew 15:2)

When we say that Jesus meekly submitted Himself to the crucifixion, it was for a specific purpose, to buy our salvation, not to submit to unjust rulers, the ones He referred to as viper's and sons of the Devil. 

Don't use Christianity as an excuse to bow to Caesar, to close your church, to empower the ungodly.