Wednesday, June 19, 2024

J6th Report From the Front Lines

 I spoke with J6th political prisoners Mark and Jalise Middleton and Magamouse to the Rescue author/illustrator Katelyn Mervar sat in.

We talked about the challenges of being a patriot in a land run by a criminal regime, and how to react.

When I started the show, I thought I was having technical difficulties with my studio equipment during a sound check prior to the show with one of my guests.
So we got a late start and my mic didn't work so Derek the producer started the show and it just through me off my track.
But I think we recovered and I'm proud to have been a part of this show on such an important topic..

Your American Heritage 06 15 2024 w/ Mark and Jalise Middleton and Katelyn Mervar


  1. The Lying, Cheating, Hateful, Democrats have done it again, they got President Trump to be a “Convicted Felon”) and by doing so they awakened the Sleeping Giant!
    And Grues what? They wound Up Giving Donald Trump the highest approval rating, and the Biggest Treasure Chest since December 2021, according to surveys conducted by polling companies ever!

    You would think by now that the "crooked" Democrats would stop trying to put the leading Republican Candidate in "trumped up" lawfare. More are more intelligent people are seeing this for what it is, a banana republic, run by a puppet, dictator, who will stop at nothing to stay in power

  2. Well that turned out better than I thought. I can only pray for them and country. And you.


  3. The FREAK SHOW Continues as Biden’s Policy causes a 12 year old little Girl to be RAPED, and MURDERED.
    Evidence is clear that they Tired Her Up before a sexual assault likely happened to Jocelyn Nungaray prior to her brutal murder:. The are now saying that the Two Animals that did this Brutalized her , and Raped her for over TWO HOURS!
    The evidence is now clear that a Sexual Assault likely happened. But since neither defendant has actually admitted that, circumstantial evidence will have to prove it," Ogg said. They are waiting on lab tests now to see if the capital murder charge can be upgraded to one where they are death penalty eligible
    This travesty is exactly the way Donald Trump said things would happen years ago, when the Democrats all s creamed RACIST!!! RACIST!!! Well where are you Idiots now? How would you like to be that girls Mother examining her body today? Biden and his Open Border TRAITORS must be removed, and Donald Trump MUST be installed.

  4. Walgreens plans store closures as CEO says consumers 'stunned' by prices, yet 81 BLIND Biden supporters FAIL to UNDERSTAND!
    Walgreens is planning potentially sweeping store closures as it faces what its CEO called a “challenging” environment for pharmacies and U.S. consumers.
    The pharmacy chain on Thursday morning announced quarterly earnings that fell short of Wall Street expectations. Walgreens' stock dropped more than 20% just minutes into the trading day.
    In an interview with CNBC, CEO Tim Wentworth said the company now forecasts weaker consumer spending for the rest of the year.
    ″We the second half that the consumer would get somewhat stronger” but “that is not the case," Wentworth said.
    "The consumer is absolutely stunned by the absolute prices of things, and the fact that some of them may not be inflating doesn’t actually change their resistance to the current pricing," he added. "So we’ve had to get really keen, particularly in discretionary things."

    1. Rite-Aid is also shuttering.
      CVS becomes a monopoly?

  5. There is ABSOLUTELY NO doubt in my mind that the Communist-in-Chief, former President Barack Hussein Obama, was the single individual who initiated the disastrous decline in America with his Marxist revolutionary agenda and the implementation of racial and intersectional division of the American people., AND WHO IS THE PUPPET PULLING THE STRINGS of the Current NUMB-NUTS JOSEPH ROBINETTE BIDEN!

    Barrack Hassan Obama was the one that oversaw the weaponization of our intelligence and law enforcement agencies that openly spied on Americans, mounted a covert attack on a presidential candidate, Donald Trump, and orchestrated the clandestine resistance to Trump’s presidential agenda.
    He was knowingly complicit in the illegal machinations of Vice President Joseph Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
    Only one person can confront Joe Biden and convince him to drop out of the presidential race, and that person is Barack Obama who still draws the adoring crowds of Democrats wherever he goes. He’s the most popular living Democrat at this time , and despite rumors of friction between the former president and Barrack Obama, Biden still respects and admires his former boss Barrack. . Obama is said to call Biden frequently to discuss politics and policy.

    If any Democrat could metaphorically grab the delusional Joey Biden by the shoulders and shake him until he emerges from his Dream, or should I say “Fantasy” that the race is still winnable, it’s Barack Obama. Other than doing that, this election race is OVER!
    Unfortunately, the Progressive Communist Democrats decided to run this “ Pathetic Sock-Puppet” this “Manchurian Candidate” so that Obama could rule from behind using his malicious Sock Puppet as surrogates, choosing another unthreatening intersectional Vice Presidential choice like Kamala Harris. But that might be going to far in the wrong direction. But if Biden would decide to either step down or can't continue, then with the 25th Amendment Kamala becomes President and runs for President in November. If they go brokered convention, then Biden has to release his delegates and then the delegates can vote for whoever they want. Those are the only two options the Democrats have. And come to think of it, that might be EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE UP TO NOW. And that might explain the disastrous performance given at the debate

  6. Biden is a dangerous psychopath and Obama’s stooge.
    Don’t be fooled, that’s were the Anti-Semitism comes from.

  7. Just When You Thought That It Couldn't Get Any DUMBER...SHAW WALKS IN AND OPENS HER BIG MOUTH.

    Shaw Kenawe said..."The only good thing to come out of the Trump presidency is the fact that we discovered Trump and his Evangelicals do NOT care about family values, good character, or telling the truth. "
    Once again She doesn't say ONE WORD about the IMBECILE currently in the While House.

  8. Many of us have been calling Joe Biden "Pedo Joe" for years now. Apparently Snopes has substantiated that claim.


    A diary authored by U.S. President Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley Biden, describes showers taken with her father when she was a child as "probably not appropriate

    1. Well, Snopes has finally caught up about a couple things.

  9. There was almost no subject that the Moronic, Senile Old Jackass Biden didn’t lie about!
    As we already know Joe Biden isn’t known for telling the truth. So, it came as no surprise when the Delaware Democrat got up on stage to tell some pretty tall tales during Thursday’s debate with former President Donald Trump.

    From the HORRIFIC Crisis LYIN BIDEN created at the U.S.-Mexico border to manufactured Hoaxes about his opponent Trump, there was almost no subject BIDEN DIDN’T LIE ABOUT. Here are just some the biggest Whoppers he told during Thursday night’s matchup with President Trump!
    Biden claimed he was endorsed by AMERICA’S BORDER PATROL UNION. Border That is NOT TRUE. In fact, the Border Patrol Union issued a real-time fact-check Thursday night stating: “To be Clear, We Never Have and Never Will Endorse Biden.”
    And Biden claimed Trump told people infected with Covid to “Inject themselves with “Bleach.” Another Lie, Trump DID NOT TELL PEOPLE TO DO THAT
    Biden claimed “There Are 40 Percent Fewer People Coming Across the Border Illegally” under His Presidency than Trump’s. Thats Also Not True, as illegal border crossings have skyrocketed to record highs under Biden’s presidency.
    And then there was this BIGGY... Biden claimed he’s the “Only President In This Decade” Who “Doesn’t Have Any Troops Dying Anywhere in the World” under His Presidency. That Is Completely False. Thirteen service members were killed during Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.
    Also, Biden claimed inflation was at 9 Percent When He Came into Office. That Statistic Is False. The inflation rate when Trump left office was 1.4 percent.. Another LIE!
    Biden claimed Trump was “separating babies from their mothers [and] putting them in cages” when he was president. That statement is misleading. As admitted by the left-wing Associated Press, these were “chain-link enclosures” inside alien-holding border facilities That Were Created by Biden’s old friend, and Boss the Barrack Obama-Biden Administration.
    Biden also claimed he “didn’t” raise taxes for “anybody making less than $400,000 a year.” That is FALSE.
    Biden claimed Trump once said, “Hitler has done some good things.” As admitted by left-wing. Donald Trump NEVER SAID THAT! Infact Snopes, said there is no proof that Trump ever said this. The allegation has also been denied by Trump’s staff.
    Biden Repeats Debunked ‘Suckers’ and ‘Losers’ Hoax

    Biden repeated the lie that Trump called deceased American soldiers “suckers” and “losers.” Numerous former Trump administration officials have publicly refuted the phony story. Even left-wing Snopes admitted, “there appeared to be no evidence of an audio or video recording of the remarks in question, nor was there any documentation, such as transcripts or presidential notes,
    Biden claimed Trump “did nothing” to stifle Iranian aggression. That is false. For example, Trump ordered the assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in 2020.
    Biden insinuated Trump made no effort to ensure demonstrators wouldn’t breach the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. That isn’t true. Trump sought to deploy 10,000 National Guard troops to the Capitol ahead of Congress’s certification of the 2020 election results./

    1. I caught those lies among the 40 Biden debate lies that I caught at:

      Additionally, I provided links to articles proving that each was a lie.

  10. I know that the matter of the 6 January riot came up during the debate and I may have included one or two points that Biden tried to make (but lied about) in my list of 40 Biden debate lies.

    Still, if any of you can find a lie that I missed (and I know I stopped at the point where Joe defended his mental sharpness), I would appreciate it.

    If you can look over the list, it is at:

    1. Although the decision at the Supreme Court (which I only heard today -- 1 July 2024) is not directly related to the testimony in this audio, I am glad that the Court decided that the "obstruction clause" applied to over 300 cases of the 6 January 2021 riots have to be reconsidered.

    2. Yes, that is good news. It seems another prominent defendant it promises hope to is DJT.


  11. The AMERICAN PROGRESSIVE COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS will never tell you the news; they tell you a pre-scripted narrative.
    And just like Clock-work Today’s pre-scripted narrative is out there for all to see:. As we ALL saw the Village Idiot embarrass himself and the entire country last Thursday night as he stood before us all on National TV so that the rest of the world would see his Idiotic performance. And THIS was the best that the biggest , most powerful Political Part the United States of America was able to muster up! SHAME ON US!
    Powerful Democrat Party leaders such as former President Bill Clinton, former President Barack Obama, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, James Clyburn, and other Party Has-Beens are publicly supporting President Joe Biden and urging him to stay! May I ask: To Stay for WHAT? To further ruin this one time Great Nation of ours? To further put us to Shame? To bankrupt the Nation? Th give his Crack-Head Son a job? To give his wife further access to Air force One? To give George Stephanopoulos a shot at having his first post-debate TV Interview?
    A Biden family meeting was held at Camp David and select comments urging Joe Biden to remain the Party’s nominee were leaked to the major progressive media outlets. Especially touted was the forceful insistence of his wife, Jill Biden, and the smartest man he knows, his son Hunter Biden, to stay the course and forge ahead.
    By the way, did you know that it was Hunter Biden who prepped his Daddy for the debate? Yes the Smartest Man that Old Joe knows was partially responsible for the Disgusting Performance last Thursday night.
    And because Biden is now SO Demented, Hunter and Jill are running the country. Scary, huh? Yes, it appears UNELECTED Jill and Crack Head Hunter are actually running the country since Xiden has gone Completely CUCKOO .

    It’s Gotten So Bad That,
    “Convicted Felon Hunter Biden Sits in on West Wing Meetings with President”.
    Now it is only a matter of time until Joe Biden says, despite all the support and encouragement from everyone, he is patriotically stepping aside from the nomination, for the good of the nation, the Democrat Party, and the American people-- and to avoid being a distraction in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election. Possibly citing the Constitution and protecting our democracy. Yada. Yada. Yada.
    The Democrat Party, will ignore the will of the people they expressed in the party primary and caucus process and reserve unto a tiny number of party apparatchiks and power brokers the right to determine who will lead the party, even if it’s a Senile, old man with dementia that can’t even find his way off the Stage after a 30 second speech. Even if this Senile, old man with dementia needs his wife or Barrack Obama to lead him down a “Flight” of 3 stairs? .
    Of course, Biden will refer to the Orange Hitler, the Fascist that must be defeated in 2024, and the Senile, old man with Dementia is the ONLY one that could Stop him? Or perhaps we could call in Superman!
    The Radical Gang of Progressive Communist Democrats are attempting to kill democracy to “save democracy.” Complete and with utter treasonous Bullshit.
    No matter how many staged short-duration clips of Biden screaming, and condemning the Supreme Court, no matter how many Lies he tells about unlimited presidential powers, his diapers are still full of shit, much like his brains. We are Sick to death of his Fairy-Tales, and his Lies, and his Bull-Shit.