Saturday, September 15, 2012


Let me tell you what Christian extremists do.
They go to third world countries and build schools, dig wells, organize food delivery, preach the gospel that the Greatest Christian Extremist of All Time died on a cross so that they could be free from fear of death.
Then they sacrifice their lives, not by suicide bombing, but by refusing to stop doing what I described above.
And I'm proud to know and support some of them.
How about you?

This was on Facebook:

The cartoon originally had the Christian saying "Hey let's bomb an abortion clinic".
I took umbrage.
So I posted my version.

An atheist friend felt compelled to comment about my being deluded.

My niece/daughter replied to him:

There are things in this life that cannot be explained no matter how hard you try.
That's one of the beautiful things about God. We can sleep at night knowing that when bad things happen, God is holding us up and giving us strength to got through it. We don't NEED an answer for everything. And we don't have to get bent out of shape when we don't get an answer.
God speaks to us in all sorts of ways. Some of us hear His voice. Some of us feel Him. It's another one of those things that can't be explained.
Miracles happen. We don't have to manipulate or fabricate anything. If you've met people who DID then I an sorry. They only make things more difficult for others. But to be quite honest with you, it's your choice if you decide to hold that against all Christians. You use those manipulations, fabrications and "stories" about a delusional freak to hide behind. Because if there isn't a God to answer to then there is no reason to care. There is no reason to be persecuted and made fun of like the rest of us.
Life is just life and then you die. Right? Have fun will you can. Make money. Get stuff. Fall in love. Have a couple of kids. Grow old. Die.
No God. No reason to live for something greater. No pressure to be better. No one to be accountable to.
I see God everyday. I see Him in my toddlers' faces. When they scrape their knee for the hundredth time and a week later you can't tell it was ever there. I see Him in the fire ants that snuck up on me last week and bit my toes. I see Him in the weeds that are constantly annoying my plants. I see Him every time there is a breeze on a day when the heat index is 110. I hear Him when I wonder how I will let go when my babies get older. I hear Him when I don't know where our rent money will come from. I saw him yesterday when I almost hit a male peacock yesterday on a narrow winding road. I hear Him every time I'm afraid of what will happen in the future.
I see him when I look at the human body. I see Him when I look outside and see the thousands of different plants and bugs.
I see Him every morning when I take medication so my brain will do what it can't do on its own. The people with the incredible minds who created my medication. The people who created the vaccines so my children will have a fighting chance at life.
We are NOT here for nothing. Why would so many amazing things exist just to die away?
Why would we have challenging lives just to die? NOTHING would matter and there would be nothing to live for.
I'm sorry for you, friend. God created you for a purpose and He has an incredible plan for you. And you are missing out on the best thing that ever happened to you.
Christ came to tell us this. He came to show us how to live. That it IS possible to LOVE people who hate us. That it IS possible to give to those who we think don't deserve it. He came to SHOW us who God is.
Dinosaurs existed. No question about it. Why and how did they die? I don't know. Does it really matter. If I had an answer with proof would it really matter to you? Is that what it would take for you to believe in God and His son Jesus Christ?
Why do we ask questions that don't matter? It's in the past.
Why did my father hurt my family? Why do we kill our own kind? Why do natural disasters happen? Why is there a huge famine right now?
Because this is life. Bad things happen. They happen to make us stronger. They happen because God doesn't always choose to stop them. Why doesn't He choose to stop them? I don't know. Sometimes it's to make us stronger. Sometimes it's because He has a plan that requires it.
If you spend your whole life in disbelief just because there aren't solid answers for everything, you will never know TRUE freedom.
There is a God. He exists. Christ existed on this earth and now exists in Heaven.
And someday we will ALL stand in front of Him and be judged for our life here on earth. And those who believed and lived their lives FOR Him, will spend eternity in Heaven WITH Him.
You ARE His beloved son. Whether you want to be or not.
I pray you realize it before it's too late.

I'm so proud of her.