Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In for Romney

He knows the "dirty job" Obama's done on us.
Now, if he can just attract the women's vote for Romney.


  1. Interesting... bet THAT will cost him a job or two in Hollyweird...

  2. I saw that on the news last night. It still shocks me when someone in that pool of snakes actually turns out to have some brains.

  3. Romney's already got this woman in his camp (NOBAMA!).

    But mmmmmm. Mike Rowe, anyway.

  4. Hey anon. I found a video of Rowe talking about this initiative he started on getting more skilled trades. He makes a fabulous argument regarding how no one is encouraging the youth to learn a trade like becoming a plumber or electrician instead thinking everyone should go to college. He says we are creating a shortage of necessary skills and if we don't stop demeaning these trades, we'll be paying our tradesmen more than our doctors due to the lack of supply versus demand.

    I love me some Rowe.

  5. He was on Bennett yesterday saying something similar.
    I was listening to an "Appliance Doctor" show Saturday, and the topic of the shortage of appliance repairmen came up.
    The companies are raiding each other for talent.
    I called in to talk about one of my closest friends, Jim, and how my wife remembered him from a service call before we were married and how he took the time to explain to her how to avoid the problem and how he did the job well.
    Other friends said the same to me about him over the years.
    He took his time and did the job right.
    GE, however, was more interested in repairmen who sold extended warranties and he took an early retirement.
    Because I was entered in a drawing for callers, I won an automatic fire extinguisher for our clothes dryer.

  6. I'm really starting to think you're making this "Freddy" person up, Ed.

  7. Ah and given that three people in my family work (or worked in my husband's case) for a major retailer well known or at least used to be for its appliances I can attest to the fact of the maintenance agreement prostitution ring they insist the appliance techs are required to become part of lest they lose their jobs.

    They'd prefer a tech to sell over having any ability to fix your appliances.