Saturday, September 29, 2012

Patriotic Jamming!

OldNFO shared this.
I like it.
You might, too.
I hope so.


  1. Boy, has THIS gone viral! I think I've had at least six people email this video, too.
    I'm SO glad that you published it so even more will see it. Nice to think rockers are patriotic, too! (let's hope they vote!)

  2. Ed:

    Thanks for posting this. I really enjoyed, and will post it on my blog, too.

    I came over to your blog to say, thanks for your Biblical references on Zee's Sunday Faith Blog. For some reason she had closed comments.

    The scripture from 1 Timothy was a real inspiration to me.

    Once again, thanks.


  3. Thanks, Bob.
    Looks like Beamish went off his meds and she had to "moderate" comments.
    That verse came easily since my Bible study is in 1Tim :)
    I find it hard to do, which means I have to ask God's help to do it, which is His intent :)
    I'm on my way to visit your blog.