Sunday, October 14, 2012

Not a Bug, a Feature!

I was recently asked:
"If God created everything, did He create sin?".
A corollary to this is:
"Why do bad things happen to good people?"

First, I posit that God exists and that He created everything.
Including the flaw in man that allows him to choose other than what God would have him choose, or choose to buck God.
This is free will.

This flaw in man leads to a test among men as to who will choose God.

If man was never given this choice, God would have robots in Eden.
They do not make good friends.
They would never know that they truly loved God, having never been tested.

Now suppose they never fell. (Impossible, they had the flaw and eternity to reveal it.)
Two people in paradise would only spend forever there.

What if God wanted more for them?
But He only trusted more for those that He knew could be depended on to choose Him from their own free will?

Only temptations can bring testing.

Like Hell Week for the SEALs, you only know who will respond correctly by who passes the test.

This implies that there are those that will fail the test.

Yet those that succeed become "The Bride of Christ".
This sounds like something better than being stuck on Earth tending a garden.

An oyster may live it's entire life doing nothing remarkable.
But an irritant in an oyster produces a pearl (perhaps of great price). 

So stuff doesn't always go the way you'd like.
It's irritating, perhaps (probably painful).

What does it produce?

You choose.

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  1. Excellent post and an excellent point about freedom of choice...