Saturday, October 6, 2012

Prosthethics in Sports

These people believe that Obama should have been allowed the use of a teleprompter.

I've deleted the video since it autoplays and that's annoying. The link is here.

I’m reminded of the controversy over the Olympics where the runner with prosthetic legs outran the rest.
TPOTUS is a prosthetic device.
My wife commented during the debate that it looked like Obama was listening to an ear bud.
I’m not sure Axelrod feeds would help Obama.

The guy at 1:48 reminds me of a "shambling zombie" Obama supporter.
In the words of Fiona, "Can we shoot him?".


  1. Obummer demonstrated nothing but FAIL in an actual debate with a person not lobbing softballs at him, and with no 'feed' (earbud or telepromter) we find out how clueless he really is...

  2. I saw that video, if it's the one I think, on FOX?
    The one from some college in Madison, Wisconsin? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? TELEPROMPTERS IN A DEBATE??? Are our kids THAT STUPID? Or are they so allergic to two different viewpoints on ANYTHING that they don't understand the term DEBATE? MAN

  3. That must be what is meant as a debate team, eh?