Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lincoln (the Movie) Review

I was on Bennett again this morning.
I saw the movie Lincoln Sunday and we talked about it.
I've been real busy (good thing) and will relate later when time permits, but you might enjoy listening to this.


  1. Nicely done Ed. I may see the movie thanks to you.

  2. I saw the movie yesterday. I had a long wait until my flight home from Charlotte. I give the movie a big "OK". It was pretty accurate, but I just found the whole thing kind of boring. Day-Lewis was good, by all accounts Lincoln had a high squeaky voice, and certainly Mary Todd Lincoln was crazy as a loon.

    More importantly, the movie is a lesson to those who think today's political atmosphere is the worst in history, they should study 19th Century politics.

    As far as the "truth" about the anti-slavery tendencies of the Republicans vs. the Democrats, today's Leftists just claim all of those old "Dixiecrats" became Republicans when Reagan was elected.

    You know facts cannot get in the way of a good narrative.

  3. I did not leave, nor did I walk out saying "holy Cow that was great".

    Perhaps I spent too many years immersed in the Civil War period and expected more.

  4. I actually wondered how you would eval the movie Joe, knowing your familiarity with the subject.
    Everyone I've talked to (except you), was highly impressed.
    But I understand your view.

  5. Maybe I was having an "off" day -- movie-wise.

  6. Actually, it was the first few minutes that put me off the movie. It was so unrealistic, scripted, and fake that I became skeptical of the rest of the movie. I was always looking for the next "Ken Burns" moment.

    But, I am in the minority, so it is possible could be wro..

  7. I have been wanting to see this movie, talk to my baby sister Rita about going with me, she likes these kind of movies, how sad is it to have to ask your little sister to go on a movie date?

  8. How wonderful to have a sister who will go to the movies with you!
    You're the one being nice to her, if Bob won't go.

  9. hah! Ed, I was hoping you would catch that word play.

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