Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Movies

Well, every Christmas Season, there are certain movies to watch.

So far we've watched  Scrooge (A Christmas Carol) with Alastair Sim, a classic.
Then Christmas with a Capital C with Brad Stine. Great movie!
Tonight we watched The Long Kiss Goodnight. It's a Christmas Movie. Sure.
Next up: White Christmas.
Then It's a Wonderful Life.
Probably Scrooged after that. Bill Murray's take on A Christmas Carol. Hilarious.
Holiday Inn might make it in the mix. Some people think that it is the greatest Christmas movie ever.
Miracle on 34th Street is past due.
Any suggestions?


  1. I can no longer be your sister or your friend or whatever we are. You did not list It's a Wonderful Life. That is unforgivable.

  2. You already have my favorite: White Christmas! :-)
    The Christmas Card is a good one. I think that's the name of it. It's about a soldier who gets a card from a stranger while he's overseas and then goes to the town where the address is to meet t person who sent it. it's a beautiful story. :)

  3. That was me, by the way. . . Charity. lol

  4. Just recorded Rudolph for the granddaughter.

  5. Rita! How could you ever have looked right past it!
    That's... oh, I forgive you.
    Charity, my adopted daughter, meet Rita, your adopted aunt (still?).
    We'll check out The Christmas Card.
    Mike, There's a Jam Handy (http://archive.org/details/jam_handy) version of Rudolph on the Alistair Sim DVD.
    But I'm sure Scherie wanta to see the version you recorded with Burl Ives?

  6. And it seems that Charity just watched Rudolph also.

  7. It Happened on Fifth Avenue. I haven't seen it in over 50 years, but you did ask. I have no idea if it has held up over the years, but I did like it when I was a kid.

  8. I did watch it and it was the one with Burl Ives. To me, no other Rudolph movie is acceptable. lol :-) That movie was made when television was worth watching and Christmas wasn't so commercialized.
    sorry about the soap box. lol
    hi aunt rita. :)

  9. Now now Ed. Did you edit that post after my comment or are you telling my my eyes are getting old.

  10. Those pretty much are my list also...

  11. "some people THINK"? THINK?

    Facts is Facts, sir. Holiday Inn is the greatest Holiday Movie.

    I also watch Its a Wonderful Life. Christmas with the Kranks cracks me up and who does not dig the first half of White Christmas? You have to squeeze in the Bells of St Mary's just to get a dose of Ture a lure a lure-a (correct spelling is optional right?). And the endless marathon of A Christmas Story cannot be beat. How can you go wrong with a movie set in Indiana and filmed in Cleveland?

  12. NFO: Great minds...
    Joe: A Christmas Story is unavoidable.
    Doesn't excuse my neglecting to mention it.
    Haven't seen Kranks, but I will on your recommendation.

  13. I will not rest without an acknowledgement of the greatness that is Holiday Inn.

    You are going to have to use the "wro.." word as in "I was wro...., Holiday Inn is the greatest Holiday movie. BTW what other movie covers every holiday?

  14. Holiday Inn is a wonderful movie. About Holidays not specifically Christmas.
    The equivalent of Happy Holidays" vs "Merry Christmas".
    I could be wro...

  15. See -- I gave you an out. What other movie covers every Holiday? I suppose you could have a favorite Christmas- only movie that is different...? Unlikely, but possible.

  16. Holiday Inn is a wonderful holiday movie. The best!

  17. insert smiley face thingy here.