Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Historic Christmas

On Christmas Day, 1776, George Washington and the Continental Army attacked a British force that was composed primarily of fierce Hessian mercenaries after crossing the Delaware River in freezing conditions, catching the enemy unawares and winning a major engagement for the first time!
Their present that day was the victory and supplies they needed badly.
Today, men stand guard for us to protect that freedom (our son is on duty at this moment) and as we are grateful to our Savior for the salvation and freedom he has brought us as a gift to us, let us be thankful for those who maintain our security in this world, be they military, firemen, police, etc.

Let us pray also that General Washington is not spinning in his grave as we squander our freedoms and liberties to vote ourselves the riches of others to enrich ourselves with Obamaphones, Obamamoney and a welfare state.


  1. Ed, please let 'us' not get carried away when using the term 'WE.' 'We' didn't vote for Marxism, 'they' did.

    And there's a lot of 'em. And sooner or later, 'we' (you and me, Ed) had better get organized against the hoardes who are coming to take 'our' stuff. They are the enemy.

    Not to sound like I'm paranoid, but it's working out like that, if you look around.

  2. LOTS of good Americans are spinning in their graves...particularly soldiers. Think of them losing their lives for THIS??

    By the way, Les Miserables is SO much about legalism/faith, redemption, etc. Even how more important it is to gain your salvation than your political cause...and how the LAW will not be trumped by Christ's love. The movie captures that much more than the theater productions! amazing, tho I don't know if most people will pick up on it!!


  3. Ed,
    I think that you might want to watch THIS VIDEO. It directly relates to your blog post.

  4. AOW; Thanks.
    IMHO: Is that a rhetorical question?