Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I obliged.


  1. Oh Lord, don't tell me he wanted us to post a picture of us from 1972.

    Even my own mother doesn't want to see pictures of me in 1972.

    Now I'll go find out what Joe wanted. I'm hoping he asked for the best picture of each reader.

    Ill let you decide how you want to interpret that, Bro.

  2. I had to examine the cake closely. At first, I thought it was a Winchester drive.

  3. Jess. Nobody could afford to give me a winchester drive back then.

  4. Years ago, I was in charge of refurbishing a closed shipyard. When I walked into the almost empty offices, I found a Winchester drive on the floor. I asked the new owner what they wanted to do with it and was instructed to throw it into the dumpster with the rest of the trash.

    I had no idea of the worth. A few years later, out of curiosity, I looked them up and found there was a few hundred dollars of scrap gold in each drive.

  5. Then no one can afford to give me one now either.

  6. I think that's a fun idea. If my scanner was working, I'd do it!
    You're cute, Ed :-) Happy Graduation Again!!

  7. You're a redhead Ed?!

    (Not sure why, but that would seem a bit surprising to me.)

    Lacey Lou (or, notexactlyfredbutnotaboteither)

  8. Ah. So it's reflecting off your shirt.

    For a minute there I was wonderin' if maybe you were a German-Irish mix (like my Red).

    Great pic!

    And, thanks for responding to my comment.