Monday, January 21, 2013

A Question

I was asked (on Facebook) by an atheist I know from high school:

"You never did answer my question about how you reconcile your deep, raw unbridled hatred of Barak Obama with your professed belief in Christianity. How does that work?"

My reply:

I did answer your question.
My niece did an even better job.
And I will admit, unlike then, that I do hate Obama.
A deep visceral hatred of which I am not proud.
But it is the response of a man to a despot who would subvert the Constitution of the United States after swearing to uphold it.
It is the response to a man who condones the daily death of thousands of innocent babies, even those who have survived the abortion.
Of a man who intentionally weakens the position of the only decent superpower on this earth, a force for good.
Of a man who enslaves our (yes yours also) children with debt having the intent to destroy the America they might have inherited.
I'm not proud of it.
I must ask God to help me overcome it.
And it is a hallmark of Christianity that I do.
That's how that works.


  1. Very well said! Thanks for holding up 'our' end of the perspective!

  2. I think it's okay to hate evil and not the people that are led by its intoxicating power. In the end, they'll leave this world as naked, powerless and poor as they arrived. That's when they have the opportunity to be judged for their actions.

    I think many in this administration will be judged harshly.