Sunday, January 6, 2013

Home Theater

I finally got my Christmas wish.
Of three years ago.

Three years ago I began to hope for an LCD TV.
It didn't happen that year.
It was hard to cost justify.
It had to be a 32" to fit in the entertainment center/bookcase my dad and I had built into the wall.
I don't have a basement and I don't regret it, so there's no place to put a huge screen.
And there's no need since the Cathode Ray Tube TV refused to die or misbehave.
Last Christmas my wife allowed we might get an LCD.
This would be the first step in attaining my goal of having the TV attached to a computer that would be networked to my server in another room.
This TV would serve as a monitor for that computer which would play my MP3s and DVD images stored on the server.
Turns out the computer I had in mind was not substantial enough to drive the larger screen.
We watched Netflix on a Wii, but that interface drives me nuts.
Yet the Wii had better video out than the computer.
I'd been spending the last few months looking at barebone HTPCs that would serve the purpose.
I couldn't get one new for less than $250.
Just before Christmas, Craigslist had a computer with monitor for $200.
I offered $150 via e-mail but got no reply.
Phoned a few days later and sealed the deal for the $200.
Turns out they lived nearby and went to a church near mine.
I was disappointed that it ran Vista.
When I powered it up it had 64 bit Vista and 4 gig Ram installed!
This was far better that the HP website indicated that model was (32 bit).
Hooked it up to the TV and still disappointed when running Netflix.
It still had Jittery video through the VGA adapter.
So Scherie let me spring another $40 for an HDMI card for the computer.
I can now watch Netflix, Youtube (some stunning HD videos shot from aircraft there), DVDs and stored video on the hard drive.
It's like having a DVD changer with capacity for 100s of discs.
To listen to music, I go to the MP3 folder and launch the album I want.
Internet Radio (, et al) gives me talk radio without the AM buzz and squeals.

Next is the catheter and I'm set for the night.


  1. I've given serious thought to ditching cable and dish completely, and just going with streaming Internet video and service, like Hulu plus. That is, if I could afford the HDTV and the fast server for the internet.

  2. "Like" :)

  3. Wow, that's awesome to got there. Enjoy watching.