Saturday, January 26, 2013

What is Wrong with this Picture?

Do not try to adjust your set.
There is no picture.

I'm watching Fox.
A nice lady is interviewing a gun range owner via KATY, TX.
He says the difference between an assault weapon and an assault rifle is semi-auto vs automatic action (single shot per pull vs "machine gun").
Does he think he's helping? What an idiot.
Then he has his assistant demonstrate the two rifles WHILE HE AND THE REPORTER ARE AHEAD OF THE FIRING LINE!
But the demonstration in the difference of rate of fire makes it clear.
Regardless of how alike they look, one is a single shot per pull of trigger rifle which happens to look like the military version, which is a "machine gun" (fully automatic).
Just leave the word assault out of it. It's a fabrication.
You can be "assaulted" by a baseball bat.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a gun at that time?


  1. Of course I'm sure they omitted the fact that civilian ownership of fully automatic weapons has been illegal since the 1930's, or at least so heavily regulated that they might as well be.

  2. They did leave it out.
    But it was supposed to be sympathetic to our position.

  3. They dance all around the real problem, which is the Second Amendment doesn't detail what type of arms can be infringed. Otherwise, without clarification, and the knowledge arms meant the best tactical weapons of the time, "shall not be infringed" is a broad statement demanding the citizens never be without the ability to arm themselves against all enemies; both foreign and domestic.

    All the rest is blathering. There's no need to explain anything. They're wrong; we're right; the discussion is over.