Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Orwellian Terminology

5000 years of male/female marriage and all of a sudden, it's a marriage if two of the same sex want it so?

A marriage is a joining together.
Men and women were designed for that.
Men and men weren't, and neither were women and women.
It's not hate to point to common sense.

Or biological reality.
But no, we're expected to say black is white and round is square.
Or Arbeit Macht Frei.


  1. This is one more attack on religion and the politicization of fringe groups...

  2. I'm just sick and tired of having my nose rubbed in someone else's business.

  3. Biology is bioligy. Do what you wish on your own time.

    Marriage was designed to precreate, without surrogates because we didn't have those body parts, to create a family of husband, wife and children under the laws of God and State.

    I understand love, I understand that not all people biologically/emotionally/physically are "male" or "female" and I love and accept my friends that fall into those boundaries. But let marriage be marriage, as it was intended.

    1. Exactly.
      I'm not a hater.
      I have a gay step-brother.
      I don't hate him.
      I know a couple others socially and saw them at a funeral
      a couple days ago, hugged told jokes, argued politics a little.
      At one time, they were opposed to gay marriage.

  4. Oh no. Don't tell me YOU'RE reading that tripe now too.

    I swear... If you start linking it and gushing over it all the time, my faith and trust in conservative men will have finally been totally and completely lost forever.

    Skinnny Yet Curvy Blonde (and sometimes admittedly overly dramatic) Conservative Chick (who believes that one of the very BEST things to come from a marriage is children. And, well...)

  5. A marriage is a civil contract.

    Child bearing is not required to enter into the contract so
    let's dispense with that.

    Homosexual couples are perfectly able to fulfill the marriage
    contract so barring them is a denial of equal protection.

    Bye-bye DOMA.
    And this has exactly NOTHING to do with religion.
    Evangelicals DO NOT and WILL NOT control the terms
    of civil contracts.

    1. Wow! I never quite heard it put like that Duck!
      We surrender. The battle is over.


  6. Remember those words in the Bible? "And every man did what he thought was right in his own eyes."

    If -- and I'm saying IF -- most Americans support gay marriage, it is because decades of moral relativism have reaped this harvest.

    I find it hard to believe that legal ruling in favor of gay marriage will not result in the federal government's forcing churches to marry gay couples. The test cases for such marriages will be legion and will target churches that have stood on the principle that homosexuality is a sin.

  7. imagine debating whether marriage is for a man and woman only?
    Imagine? yet, here we are.

    And, of course, that's supposed to mean we all hate gays. That's the problem; the left stops the conversation with insulting, horrible lies. And wins with them.

  8. I have several gay friends and relatives. I want them to have to same LEGAL rights as I do regarding their partners. I just cannot say wrong is right and right is wrong. I find it interesting that not one of my gay friends ever post about gay rights, not one of them are replacing their Facebook profile with the red equal flag this week.

    I don't believe their sin is any better or worse than my own. I don't believe they are going to burn in hell. I think they need to have the civil legal rights as I do with their partners but I cannot support calling that legal arrangement marriage.

    Marriage is a union sanctioned by God. God doesn't change His rules because some people think He should.