Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Approval Ratings

41% approval of Obama?
How can this be?
Which of you 41% is not paying attention?

41% is similar to the 47% that pays no income tax.


  1. Which of you 41% is not paying attention?

    I think some of these folks actually are paying attention, figure its too late now and just want to be last to be herded onto the cattle cars. Or at least avoid IRS, NSA, and HHS targeting (and other assorted scary letters)

  2. the masses are fast asleep as Rome burns...............happy St Pats my friend! kisses n huggios!! xoxoxox

  3. I'm just hoping that WHATEVER Republican runs in 2016 at least gets voted for by Republicans, whether he fills all their dreams or not. We all know many didn't vote in 2008 and look what THAT did :-( Anything these days is better than a Democrat.

    Ed, could you email me on my private email so I can see why the email address I have for you isn't good? I wrote you a long email I wanted to share with you but it popped back. Thanks. z

  4. Now I'm wondering if my address for you is bad.
    I sent you something earlier this week.
    edbonderenka at gmail dot com

  5. I'm still racking my brain trying to figure out who those 40% are who still support Obama.